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Mar 02, 2016, 09:04 ET from Boats & Cycles

GLENDALE, Ariz., March 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- As online advertising and e-commerce continues to grow, in-person dealership sales are becoming fewer and online leads are growing rapidly. But potential customers won't always come to your dealership's website – you have to make your inventory easily accessible in order to earn their business. There are many options when it comes to listing units online, but where is your investment worth it?   

Third party search engines should be one of your most valuable assets for increased dealership sales. If a third party online portal can't demonstrate its value to you, it's likely that you are wasting time and money using their services. To combat this issue and show exactly what its services are worth, Boats & Cycles has launched a new back-end web analytics dashboard for customer access.

Value through Analytics

Boats & Cycles' new tool provides useful data that reflects customer activity and actions for each listed dealership. It is easy to see that Boats & Cycles is a wise investment with the index and search loads amount that are listed – these numbers are in the millions. The amount of visibility alone that is possible for your dealership's inventory is an indication of its value to your business. On a more targeted level, listing and dealership load amounts can show you exactly how well your inventory is performing. Detailed statistics show visitors' interest in specific units. Website referrals also provide important information about how often a visitor clicks to your website from your listing on Boats & Cycles.

These analytics also provide data that can help better market your dealership and position your inventory in front of more customers. Boats & Cycles' dashboard shows the times of the week and the month that users search not only for your specific units but also the types of units you carry. This can help determine when and how often you should run certain promotions. You can see exactly how often your units are selected compared to others. According to an article by Adweek, the top three drivers of increased data marketing include customer-centricity, maximized effectiveness and efficiency of marketing investments, and increased knowledge about prospects with available data. Boats & Cycles' web analytics can provide all three and more.

Targeted Messaging

Boats & Cycles offers more than data to reach customers on a personal level. As discovered in a global review of marketing strategy, targeting of messages is the area where data efforts are most focused in today's marketing world. Boats & Cycles allows its customers to advertise targeted messages for a small monthly charge with Featured Dealer slides on the website homepage. These slides are custom-designed in-house with the content you choose to capture attention and draw more customers in.

Consider Boats & Cycles' web analytics dashboard to be your best tool in positioning your dealership not only for increased visibility overall, but for more sales now and in the future. Utilize your customer-focused data to give your dealership a competitive edge.


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