DataStax Rewires Hadoop for Low-Latency Applications With Apache Cassandra

DataStax' Brisk Provides Unified Big-Data Platform for Low-Latency Applications and Hadoop/Hive Analytics

Mar 23, 2011, 13:00 ET from DataStax

BURLINGAME, Calif., March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- GIGAOM STRUCTURE CONF. -- Today, industry leaders in the big data community converged on New York City to discuss the best technologies for managing and harnessing ever-increasing volumes of data. At the Structure Big Data conference today, DataStax the commercial leader in Apache Cassandra™, unveiled Brisk, a new distribution that enhances the Hadoop and Hive platform with scalable low-latency data capabilities. This results in a single platform that can act as the low-latency database for extremely high-volume web and real-time applications while providing tightly coupled Hadoop and Hive analytics.  


"The challenge of 'big data' is twofold. The analytical side is well understood and served by Hadoop and Hive. However we live in a real-time world, and the ability for applications to interact with big data at low-latency is equally important," said Matt Pfeil, CEO and co-founder, DataStax.  "Apache Cassandra™ was bred for big data, real time scenarios, and using it to power Apache Hive™ and Apache Hadoop™ gives users a single solution that serves both needs."

DataStax' Brisk is an enhanced open-source Hadoop and Hive distribution that utilizes Cassandra for many of its core services. Brisk provides integrated Hadoop MapReduce, Hive and job and task tracking capabilities, while providing an HDFS-compatible storage layer powered by Cassandra. It also exposes the full power of Cassandra for real-time applications. The result is a single integrated solution that provides increased reliability, simpler deployment and lower TCO than traditional Hadoop solutions.

A key benefit of DataStax' Brisk is the tight feedback loop it allows between real-time application and the analytics that follow. Traditionally, users would be forced to move data between systems via complex ETL processes, or perform both functions on the same system with the risk of one impacting the other.

"By marrying the power of Cassandra – including its simplicity, scalability and speedy reads / writes – to Hadoop, DataStax has created a powerful system that speeds up the time between data creation and analysis." said Tim Estes, CEO of Digital Reasoning. "We can count on some of Cassandra's unique capabilities to aid projects that have multiple datacenter locations and large and complex bulk ingest demands. We've been thrilled to work with the DataStax team to push its capabilities into some of the most demanding customers- particularly in the Defense and Intelligence Community."

DataStax' Brisk Uses:

High-volume websites – Provide real-time data access and storage for millions of simultaneous users. Directly perform Hive analysis on the latest data, and immediately feed analytic insights back into the application behavior.

Finance and capital markets – Process, store and trigger actions based on a high-volume real-time event stream. Perform analytics on historical data, and update models directly into the application.

Retail - Maintain real-time summaries and aggregates to allow a continuously up-to-date view of important business metrics. Alert when anomalies occur.

High-volume event processing - Track and react instantly to millions of sensors or other distributed feeds, while allowing deeper analytic questions to be asked of the historical data at any moment.

DataStax' Brisk, a new Hadoop and Hive distribution, will be available under Apache open-source license within 45 days of this announcement.

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Apache Cassandra™ is an open source distributed database management system. It is designed to store and allow very low-latency access to very large amounts of data spread out across many commodity servers while providing a highly available service with no single point of failure. This next-generation data platform evolved from work at Google, Amazon and Facebook, and is an Apache Software Foundation top-level project.

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