Del Amo Motorsports Chooses Dealership Performance CRM

Aug 04, 2015, 09:00 ET from Dealership Performance CRM

TUALATIN, Ore., Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- As an outstanding name in the powersports industry, Southern California-based Del Amo Motorsports is considered a leader when it comes to implementing new technology. For customer relations management, arguably the single most important aspect of the business, Del Amo chooses Dealership Performance CRM.

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Brad Raines, Internet Sales Specialist and Business Development Center Manager for all three Del Amo locations, says, "I would definitely recommend Dealership Performance CRM to other dealerships. It's one CRM tool that does it all, and the speed makes us so much more efficient." 

Before Dealership Performance CRM, Del Amo was using V-Sept for lead management. "Our website was Dealer Spike, so the two different systems didn't integrate," Raines says. "But Dealership Performance CRM just fit what we needed in our department. Moving has been for the better. The system is great to work with, and we've been able to mold it into exactly what we need." Raines names the In-House BDC Application and the Service Scheduler as two major features that make the sales process easier for Del Amo Motorsports locations. 

A common piece of positive feedback regarding the tool is that it has all-in-one capabilities. "Everything is so streamlined," Raines says. "The outbound BDC rep can go into the system and make pre- and post-purchase survey calls based on what the salespeople on the floor have done. All the history about that prospect is already entered into the CRM and stays tied to a record even after so many emails back and forth. There are also notes made by the sales staff." This makes it convenient in case a sales person is gone for the day. When he or she returns to the dealership, all of the communication exchanged is easy to find in one place.

"I also really appreciate our web leads feeding directly into the CRM. With V-Sept, we had to hand-write all of our leads into a log. It was a waste of paper and a waste of time," Raines says. "It was another job in itself, and it was not at all efficient. Dealership Performance CRM feeds the web leads directly, and creates a prospect log in real time. It's really the only way to go. With the volume of leads we receive, we couldn't do it any other way." Raines also mentioned that Dealership Performance CRM works much faster than V-Sept. He says that the dashboard is easy to navigate, and it's simple to teach new hires how to operate it.

The team at Dealership Performance CRM made a few customizations for Del Amo Motorsports. The dealership group needed a resource for the Internet department to log in to any of the three locations and easily see all web leads, so they have a custom group page. Del Amo also has the ability to schedule appointments for the sales floor staff and update information about deals and split deals for the sales teams through the CRM tool. 

One huge benefit of the Dealership Performance CRM tool is that it ensures total customer value. Within a feature called the Owner's Lounge, managers have the ability to see the potential for dealership earnings and losses. Business owners are able to see the exact areas where sales teams are excelling, and where possible sales opportunities exist. The image featured in this release provides insight to this invaluable reporting tool. 

Daniel Arriaga, COO of high-profile dealership group Freedom Powersports, agrees with Raines. "This platform is truly at a different level than any other CRM. It is a very powerful tool in any dealership."


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