Diversified Services Company LB&B Associates Inc. Awarded, Cleared to Begin Cape Canaveral Construction

Aug 05, 2015, 17:40 ET from LB&B Associates Inc.

COLUMBIA, Md., Aug. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- LB&B Associates Inc., the diversified services company operating in over twenty five states, the District of Columbia, and overseas locations, announces that it has been awarded the contract to build, maintain, and operate a fuel facility at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, USA, and that construction is ready to begin.

Environmental Clearance Secured and Pre-Construction Planning Completed

LB&B Associates Inc. also announces that all environmental considerations and requirements related to the construction have been met, and a lease has been signed for the project. As part of pre-construction, LB&B Associates Inc. personnel conducted a pre-construction meeting at Cape Canaveral which included the various entities at Cape Canaveral, Mr. James Lamm from DLA Energy, and the LB&B Associates Inc. construction partner "Team Reliable." 

Ground-Breaking Ceremony Held at the Construction Site

After the meeting, a traditional ground-breaking ceremony was held, signaling the start of construction. Present at the ceremony were Alexander Torrance, Vice President, LB&B Associates Inc. Support Services Division; David Van Scoyoc, LB&B Associates Inc. Chief Operating Officer; Mark Keeling, Project Manager, Reliable Contracting Group; and James Lamm, Logistics Management Specialist, DLA Energy. LB&B looks forward to working closely with Team Reliable, DLA Energy, and the United States Air Force at Cape Canaveral.

About LB&B Associates Inc.

LB&B Associates Inc. provides a variety of contractor services for the U.S. Government and for commercial entities, and is separated into five support divisions: Facilities Management, Operations and Maintenance Services; Logistics Support Services; Systems and Technology Services; Base Operations Support Services; and Commercial Support Services.

LB&B Associates Inc., which began in 1992 as a two-person organization, has over 1,300 associates, providing a broad range of services to an equally broad range of clients, including the federal government, state governments, commercial businesses, the military, NATO, hospitals, churches, research centers, and educational facilities. 

LB&B Associates Inc.'s leadership has assembled an experienced team that has managed businesses large and small, and that supports a knowledgeable and accomplished on-site staff.

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