DIXIE(R) SmartStock(R) Cutlery Dispensers Offer Customers Hygienic Alternative When Dining Away From Home

Single-Serve Dispensing Helps Protect Against Cross-Contamination During Flu Season

Oct 27, 2009, 07:00 ET from Georgia-Pacific Professional

ATLANTA, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Flu season is in full swing, and high-traffic establishments such as foodservice facilities must take preventive measures to ensure a hygienic and safe environment for their customers. Georgia-Pacific Professional Food Services Solutions is aiding in the fight against germs with its hygienic cutlery dispenser, DIXIE® SmartStock®.

Transmission of illness-causing bacteria is increasingly common in high-volume areas. The condiment station at a foodservice establishment is a prime location for exchanging germs. The innovative DIXIE SmartStock cutlery dispenser offers one-at-a-time dispensing of forks, knives and multi-purpose spoons at the push of a lever. By minimizing touch points for self service cutlery, cross-contamination becomes less likely at dining facilities.

Because influenza can survive up to 48 hours on hard surfaces made of stainless steel and plastic(1), it is essential that cutlery is tightly contained and does not come in contact with guests before dining use. Unlike self-serve cutlery bins, the SmartStock dispensers are enclosed to protect utensils against airborne and hand-carried germs.

In addition to offering hygienic benefits, this cost-effective alternative to traditional cutlery bins and canisters adds aesthetic value and increased efficiency to foodservice facilities. The SmartStock dispenser helps eliminate unnecessary waste and cost associated with customer over-consumption, while decreasing restocking time due to its quick-load capability. DIXIE SmartStock dispensers hold 120 units of cutlery each to help minimize re-stocking and ensure continuous service to customers.

"Georgia-Pacific Professional recognizes that consumers desire to feel safe while dining away from home," said Kirsten Hadley, director - cutlery, Georgia-Pacific Professional Food Services Solutions. "The hygienic, one-at-a-time dispensing of SmartStock helps alleviate guests' anxiety about contracting germs and offers a solution that is cost-effective for the operator."

The sleek, modular design of SmartStock creates a great first impression for restaurant goers. The distinctive tower design greatly improves a facility's image over traditional bins and canisters. Cutlery is stacked in a neat, orderly fashion. The complete suite of DIXIE SmartStock cutlery dispensers offers two great cutlery options: the SmartStock dispenser featuring heavy-medium-weight cutlery refills is known for its value and versatility, and the SmartStock Ultra® with heavy-weight cutlery refills offers additional performance and style.

To learn more about the complete SmartStock product line and other innovations from Georgia-Pacific Professional Food Services Solutions, please call 866-HELLO GP (435-5647) or locate www.dixiesmartstock.com web site.

About SmartStock® and SmartStock Ultra® Cutlery Dispensers

SmartStock® and the SmartStock Ultra® cutlery dispensers are comprised of a set of three tower models that provide an individual piece of cutlery at the push of a lever. Dispensing either fork, knife or multi-purpose spoon, the SmartStock dispenser line helps operators reduce product costs by eliminating unnecessary waste due to consumer over-consumption and improves hygiene by reducing touch points as compared to standard self-service cutlery bins.

The system offers one "clean and simple" approach to dispensing with two great cutlery options. SmartStock dispenser refills include medium-weight cutlery for value and versatility, while the SmartStock Ultra® dispenser offers premium heavy-weight cutlery with enhanced performance and styling. Each refill contains 40 banded utensils that can be loaded quickly and easily without touching the cutlery, providing immediate operational and hygienic benefits to foodservice and restaurant operators.


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(1) Bean et al. 1982. J. Infect Dis. 146(1):47-51.

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