Do Brits Communicate Differently Than Italians? Mobile App drupe Tops Half a Million Users, Releases a Dialer and Shares Data Around Cultural Differences in Mobile Communication Habits

Aug 13, 2015, 02:00 ET from drupe

TEL AVIV, Israel, August 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

drupe, the free Android contacts overlay that makes getting in touch on your smartphone intuitive and easy, is announcing today that it has added a smart dialer to the app - making drupe the first cross-app dialer. The dialer is accessible anywhere across the phone, and lets users easily search for contacts, dial, or use any other interaction directly from within the dialer. The new dialer is a natural, logical step in fulfilling the drupe vision of making mobile interactions people-centric.

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Also, drupe is gladly announcing that it has surpassed half a million organic users within three months, entirely driven by word of mouth. drupe has been skyrocketing ever since the launch with high usage rates, and a 4.5 store rating, from over 14,000 people who have reviewed it. As part of making the drupe user experience more tailored and personalized, drupe is releasing a first taste of its new themes, to spice up mobile interactions via the app.

So, do the French communicate differently than Americans?  

Reaching the half a million users milestone is also a good time to look into accumulative big data, identifying cultural differences in communication habits. drupe looked at preferred hours and days of communicating as well as preferred communication channels, by country, and captured some great insights. Here is what we've learned based on dozens of millions of interactions via the drupe app:

  • Italians and French are communicating less on weekends (20% decrease), whereas Mexicans are communicating almost the same as they do all week long. And what about Americans and Brits? A good place in the middle.
  • French clearly favor the good old SMS, while Italians would rather talk on the phone. And Israelis? They will communicate as much as they can over WhatsApp.
  • Americans use messaging apps mostly in the evenings, whereas Israelis favor communicating via messaging apps during work hours (but start calling during the late afternoon).
  • People in India communicate relatively a lot during work hours, while Americans are much more "silent" during their workday.
  • Overall it's visible that while VOIP communications get a lot of attention, the traditional GSM voice calls aren't going anywhere - It would be interesting looking into this trend down the road as VOIP quality continues to improve.

"We are very excited to reach the extremely important milestone of half a million users, especially since it's all based on organic traffic, but we are even more excited to be able to offer our users more value," said Barak Witkowski, drupe CEO. "Our broad view of what mobile interactions are, and what they should be like, is driving our vision for drupe, so you can expect some more exciting product news in the near future - features that will continue to deliver on drupe's promise to make mobile interactions smart, quick and simple.

If you haven't yet downloaded drupe, what are you waiting for? Get drupin'.

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About Drupe Mobile: 

drupe Mobile, the publisher of drupe Android app was founded in early 2014 with the vision of revolutionizing the mobile experience, making it 100% people-centric. drupe Mobile is an alumni of the 4th batch of the prestigious TLV Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. The company was founded by Barak Witkowski and Assaf Ziv, two seasoned professionals who bring with them a broad technological and managerial experience from companies like Modu mobile, Dune Networks, Broadcom Corp., Intel, and more. drupe Mobile is financially backed by TMT investments, Curious Minds Investments and private investors who believe in drupe Mobile's vision and its disruptive potential.

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drupe is an always-on overlay that you can use to quickly launch your contacts and initiate an interaction, using any app of your choice, with just one swipe. The drupe dots hover over your screen at all times, serving as a near-invisible access point, enabling you to use it whenever you want. When you bring up the drupe overlay, on top of your home screen, lock screen, or any other app you are using, you see your contacts and relevant apps (WhatsApp, SMS, email, calendar app, Facebook Messenger, video calls, Google Maps, Waze, and more and more) all on one screen. You just need to drag and drop a contact onto the desired app icon and you're talking, texting or navigating in an instant. It's as simple as 'drag and drop,' or in this case, 'drag and drupe.' Same experience, same swipe, no matter which app, no matter which contact.  

drupe data disclaimer: 

The information about cultural differences in communication habits is coming from drupe servers and is reflecting general communication trends and patterns based on drupe usage data. drupe doesn't claim that this information is necessarily representative of the mobile communication market as a whole, or any particular geographical market. Also, drupe doesn't save any per-user communication information, but just aggregated information that helps it understand app usage so it can improve user experience and understand where users derive value.

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