Does location matter when it comes to cloud infrastructure?

Jun 14, 2013, 12:52 ET from Artmotion

ZURICH, June 14, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- You might think that in cyberspace, the servers might as well be anywhere. But even in the era of cloud computing, physical location matters. So where are your IT services truly safe?


Cloud computing has taken the world by storm in recent years. More and more companies are transferring their data and applications to external providers, saving infrastructure costs and freeing up IT staff for strategic tasks. And the Internet is making geographical distances irrelevant – opening up a global market for cloud solutions. So as long as the service is attractively priced and available when required, does it really matter where the servers are located?

Offshore can be unsure

Well, yes, it does. There's a firm consensus among experts that mission-critical enterprise data needs to be stored in a secure data centre, where it is safe from cybercrime and industrial espionage. But the site of the data centre is important too. When it comes to weighing up the risks, the old real-estate adage – location, location, location – is a good rule of thumb.

For starters, some regions are prone to natural events such as earthquakes or floods. Others are beset by political instability and unrest, such as the recent uprisings in the Middle East. The euro crisis has made many European countries – previously considered rock-solid – appear financially shaky. Another worrying trend is growing interference by governments, especially non-democratic regimes. In light of these concerns, enterprises are well-advised to investigate the setting of any potential provider's facilities.

Cloud cuckoo land?

Ideally, a data centre should be located in a region with low environmental risk. In a country famous for its political neutrality, stable economy and efficient legal system, with low rates of crime and corruption. And last but not least, a deep-seated respect for confidentiality.

As a result, it's no surprise that Switzerland is becoming an increasingly popular destination for data hosting. "Our Swiss location is a key benefit for our clients," says the founder of Switzerland-based provider Artmotion, Mateo Meier. "Cloud technology enables clients worldwide to take advantage of Switzerland's unique advantages – neutrality, stability, security."

Globally competitive

Even with these significant advantages, however, there is one aspect of Switzerland's reputation that raises doubts in the minds of many IT chiefs with tight budgets: the country is not known for being a low-cost destination. But by leveraging highly efficient infrastructure and economies of scale, Swiss providers can offer surprisingly affordable prices. For example, Artmotion's Windows and Linux-based platform starts at less than 100 euros a month, including set-up. "That's how we can compete with giant global players like Amazon – for the same price, we offer a more secure location," explains Meier.

About Artmotion and Mateo Meier

Mateo Meier, founder of Artmotion, spent the early stages of his career over in the US where he became an astute marketing director before returning home to Switzerland to setup Artmotion. Artmotion was started in early 2000 and provides highly bespoke server solutions to an international set of clients. Mateo continues to provide his insights to a range of leading publications and has gone on to open a full service marketing agency.

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