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More Parents Consider Domestic Adoption; New Technology Is Improving Matches, Reducing Wait Times

Nov 03, 2011, 08:00 ET from Parent Match

MENDHAM, N.J., Nov. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- When parents consider adoption, signs show many are once again focusing on adopting domestically.  Denise Richards, Kristin Davis and Viola Davis are just a few of the parents who recently adopted domestically and are celebrating new member of their family this November during National Adoption Awareness Month. 

This trend is a high-profile indicator of renewed interest in domestic adoption as international adoption rates in the U.S. have fallen dramatically in the past several years.

Today, parents considering domestic adoption are finding better matches and shorter wait times as adoption agencies embrace the power of online technology. One new service launched this year, Parent Match, has created an entirely new way for agencies to connect with each other safely, easily and, most importantly, confidentiality on behalf of their clients.

In the past, an agency in Oregon with more adopting parents than adoptable children had very little ability to learn about another agency in Virginia with more adoptable children than adopting parents.  Likewise, an expectant mother who had specific wishes for the family she wanted for her child was too often faced with more limited choices than she deserved. 

"The inability for adoption agencies to network and connect with each other reliably and quickly on behalf of their clients made creating a match more difficult for all involved," says Lori Barer Ingber, Ph.D., Founder and President of Parent Match.  "I saw a way to use technology to help connect these agencies seamlessly in real time."

Marni Denenberg, Director of Domestic Adoption Programs for Alliance for Children in Massachusetts, agrees. "Parent Match is a win for everyone involved – for the adopting couple hoping for a child, the expectant mother who has certain wishes for her child and the agencies who are committed to finding and creating families," says Denenberg.

Adoption agencies around the country have signed on with Parent Match to expand their network, ultimately connecting expectant parents and adoptive parents sooner.

"We've been thrilled with how quickly agencies are embracing this technology," says Ingber.  "We've had agencies from the largest to the smallest sign on and they are making new connections every day." "The more communication and connections we have, the sooner we're able to find the right home for a child," Denenberg says.  

The Benefits of Parent Match

Ingber and her team have created patent-pending technology that provides state-of-the-art security and confidentiality, but makes using the Parent Match network simple and intuitive.  Parent Match features:

  • Web Access. This web-based program that walks adoption agencies through the process of entering descriptive information about the needs of their client, whether adoptive parent or expectant mother. At the same time, Parent Match relies on state of the art security and confidentiality.
  • Confidentiality. Each client file is private and anonymous, identified only by a unique encrypted file number for that client. No identifying information is ever entered into the database and only the adoption agency knows which number corresponds to which client.
  • Search Capabilities. The network deploys dynamic search technology to find a reciprocal match between the needs of birthmother and adoptive parents and returns those results within seconds. Only those matches in which both parties' preferences are met by the other are returned.
  • Connected Agencies. The agencies are then given each other's contact information and the appropriate file numbers so they can connect offline. The search remains continuously active so that as new possible matches enter the database, the representing agency is again immediately notified.

About Parent Match(SM)

Parent Match is the nation's first and only national professional network for domestic adoption agencies. Parent Match is an independent, private, online network for adoption agencies to share information. Parent Match is not an adoption agency or adoption facilitator. The Parent Match database is accessible to licensed adoption agencies only. Parent Match is a monthly subscription service and does not work directly with adoptive or birth parents. Agencies pay a small monthly fee for unlimited access to the network. No other fees or charges are involved.

More information can be found at  Find Parent Match on Facebook or by following @parentmatch on Twitter.

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