Domino(R) Proudly Introduces New Earth-Friendly CarbonFree(R) Pure Cane Sugar Products

Apr 09, 2009, 14:20 ET from Domino Foods, Inc.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., April 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Domino(R) Sugar offers an exciting new CarbonFree(R)-certified line of sugar products with a brand new look, available in select markets for eco-conscious consumers looking to reduce their climate impact.

Domino(R) Sugar's pure cane products were certified CarbonFree(R) by

The CarbonFree(R) label indicates the production and delivery of Domino(R) Sugar's new specially marked green and yellow packages result in net zero carbon emissions.

"The launch of Domino(R) CarbonFree(R) Sugar cements our commitment to expanding our offerings of earth-friendly products," said Brian O'Malley, President of Domino Foods, Inc. "We are proud to be the only company to provide carbon neutral sugar products due to our own business practices, specifically our eco-friendly farming and renewable energy production."

The certification began with a life cycle assessment (LCA) by the Edinburg Center for Carbon Management that determined each product's entire carbon footprint. The analysis spanned from the primary inputs of planting and growing the sugar cane, through the harvesting, milling, processing and packaging, to the product's final delivery to store shelves. The carbon footprint was then displaced by the company's own production and supply of clean, renewable energy, which cuts greenhouse gas emissions.

The Domino(R) CarbonFree(R) Sugar line is grown, processed and packaged in South Florida. The sugar process is powered by the company's own renewable energy facility, the largest of its kind in North America, which uses sugar cane fiber and recycled urban wood waste to produce clean energy. The facility also provides electricity for tens of thousands of homes.

By replacing fossil fuels, the energy facility eliminates hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide that would have been emitted each year (equal to removing 53,000 cars from the road each year) and reduces America's dependence on foreign oil by one million barrels annually.

Domino(R) Sugar is marketed by Domino Foods, Inc.


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