Electric Vehicle Guide for Prospective Buyers

Garage Basics for Electric Vehicles: A Self Administered Tutorial

Oct 12, 2011, 10:00 ET from American Garage Magazine

GLENCOE, Ill., Oct. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- American Garage Magazine announces the availability of their white paper Garage Basics for Electric Vehicles available at www.AmericanGarageMagazine.com

Consumers will find Garage Basics for Electric Vehicles is a white paper that compresses the last year of electric vehicle news and developments into an easy to understand guide. It's all designed to give consumers a heads up on how this is a different car buying experience. As Chevrolet's extended range electric vehicle (EREV) the Volt and Nissan's all electric vehicle (EV) the LEAF become available nationwide, more consumers will be considering; gasoline or electric, and seeking hard data to make decisions.

Garage Basics for Electric Vehicles is a self administered tutorial that provides readers with: steps to determine their personal travel patterns for EV suitability, home charging station installation dynamics plus the locations and likelihood they will use public access charging stations, and other topics. Garage Basics for Electric Vehicles educates consumers to be an informed buyer, long before they take a test drive or call their electrician.

Garage Basics for Electric Vehicles includes:

  • Why everyone should applaud the EV driver.
  • Does an EV belong in your garage?
  • EV availability, plus an actual census of EVs registered by state by model.
  • What is at stake if you buy an EV as your daily driver?
  • Setting up your garage to re-charge with 240-volts, who to call and why.
  • Which companies besides the auto dealer will be contacting EV buyers and why?

Rob Loomis, Managing Editor of American Garage Magazine states many consumers want to fight back against gas price spikes by using as little gas as possible. Electric vehicles are the best vehicle type to accomplish this goal. The combination of our white paper; Garage Basics for Electric Vehicles, the American Garage website www.AmericanGarageMagazine.com and the quarterly Resource Guide for Electric Vehicles provides constantly updated information from accurate sources consumers need to turn their garage and vehicle choices into educated decisions to fight back against gasoline price spikes.

For more information and or a copy of Garage Basics for Electric Vehicles contact:

Rob Loomis

SOURCE American Garage Magazine