Emel Dilek Returns To Court Suing Watson Enterprises for Breach of Employment Contract

--Former Business Development and Marketing Manager was Allegedly Wrongly Terminated From Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich, CT --

Oct 25, 2012, 08:30 ET from Emel Dilek

NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Emel Dilek began her career at Watson Enterprises in the Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti Dealerships in Greenwich, CT in October 2005 as Business Development and Marketing Manager.  Prior to joining Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich, she worked for BMW NA and Mercedes-Benz USA. She also worked for the BMW Group and Rolls-Royce Motorcars in Germany, demonstrating an in-depth work history and level of experience in luxury automobiles in the US and abroad.

Emel Dilek worked a number of years at will for Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich before entering into a four-year employment contract that began January 1, 2009.  Ms. Dilek was hired by Ron Pecunies, the former COO, dealer operator and shareholder at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich and major shareholder at Infiniti of Greenwich. Mr. Pecunies and Ms. Dilek also shared a personal relationship and were engaged up until Mr. Pecunies' death in May 2010. Ron Pecunies had an estranged wife of over 20 years, who lived in Florida during the time he lived with Emel in New York City.  Ms. Dilek was on family medical leave taking care of Mr. Pecunies during his illness and was scheduled to return to work.  She received a company letter stating that she was terminated due to a "change in management," which is contrary to WEI's counterclaims of "unjust enrichment and civil theft."

WEI CEO and former partner of Pecunies, Arthur "Kitt" Watson alleged that Ms. Dilek had a "no-show" job with little or no responsibility. Even though WEI paid Ms. Dilek her salary from October 2005 to August 2010 without complaint or reservation.

Last August, Judge Paul Oetken dismissed Defendant WEI's counterclaims, stating "Defendant's defeat is well deserved. These counterclaims are not just long shots, as a group they border on the absurd." 

In his deposition testimony, Mr. Watson admitted that his wife Diane, former personal housekeeper and file clerk at WEI, was paid by WEI even though she was not required to work. When asked if she received paychecks from WEI, he answered, "Yes."  When asked what positions, if any, his wife had at WEI, he answered "None." When asked what she did at WEI to receive those paychecks, he answered, "Because she's my wife."

Although Mr. Watson alleged that Emel Dilek's performance record was poor, despite sending her commendable emails to the contrary, several WEI executives and employees, as well as previous employers who worked directly with her commented positively on her success, business acumen, and contributions at the dealerships and previously held positions. 

Bob Morea, former General Sales Manager of the Infiniti dealership in Greenwich, CT, says, "Emel Dilek ran the Business Development Center for both Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich, and was responsible for the advertising and marketing programs that increased our market share and resulted in greater sales. Her work was impeccable, professional and contributed to the growth and success of the dealerships."

"During my time at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich, I worked with Emel for almost five years. Emel truly showed leadership and dedication to her work, as well as the team she managed. In addition, she has a virtue that not many people have, always thinking outside the box, while maintaining an admirable ability of dealing with issues under pressure.  It was definitely inspiring to work with someone who has such an exceptional business sense along with the type of confidence that Emel has," states Miguel Elgueta, Business Development Representative for Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich.

"While at Mercedes-Benz USA my responsibility was to launch the Business Development Center program dealer wide.  One of our first adopters was Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich, led by Emel Dilek.  It was a pleasure working with this dealership, particularly because of Emel.  Not only was she more than willing to try new ideas that MBUSA was pushing out to its dealer body, but also because we were able to learn a lot from the dealership itself and converted some stellar ideas Emel had generated herself and shared those with other dealers countrywide.  Emel's cooperative disposition, combined with her innovative approach, made MB of Greenwich one of the leaders in this program and I would most certainly credit Emel with this distinction," adds Randy Taylor, former Strategic Retail Development Specialist at Mercedes-Benz USA.

"As the former director of community development at Greenwich Magazine, I was introduced to Emel Dilek and gained first-hand knowledge of how she employed technology to take the Mercedes-Benz dealership into the 21st century. Emel developed key relationships in the community and helped get Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich engaged in the local charity circuit.  Her tech savvy programs allowed the dealership to attract new clients, while retaining and sustaining relationships with existing ones," adds Jen Danzi.

In conclusion, the Court granted Emel Dilek summary judgment dismissing Defendant's counterclaims. The Court also stated that the defendant Watson will have the burden of showing that Mr. Pecunies lacked authority to enter into the employment agreement with Ms. Dilek. The case proceeds in the court system until settled or concluded after trial.  The parties return to Court at the end of the month. 

SOURCE Emel Dilek