Euro RSCG Worldwide PR Issues Top 10 Trends Forecast for 2010: Hyperpolarization, Mob Media, Reality TV Gone Wild, No Piggy in the Bank, Heading Off Angst and In-Your-Face Honesty

Industry Trendspotter Marian Salzman Targets Future Trends, Reflects on Predictions from Five, 10 and 15 Years Ago

Dec 03, 2009, 11:17 ET from Euro RSCG Worldwide

NEW YORK, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America, and industry-renowned trendspotter, today issued her list of the top trends for 2010. A compilation of targeted pop culture, political and fiscal themes exponentially on the rise, the list draws on Salzman's 20-plus years of experience in the PR and marketing industries.

"To anyone paying attention to business and pop culture in the past two years, it's no stretch to think social media will be a key driver in 2010--it won a presidential election, after all. However, the degree to which it informs behavior on a company level as well as an employee level still largely remains to be defined," said Salzman. "Companies have begun paying attention to, and actively engaging in, social media in the last year. As this continues, what began as a campaign strategy might prove to define next year's version of total convergence, and a further blending of business roles and responsibilities."

Salzman's 2010 list provides an in-depth forecast of the following trends:

  • Lines That Zig but Don't Zag. Hyperpolarization and the independents who will bridge the divide between political adversaries.
  • Beware the Mobmedia. The emergence of mob mentality and virtual bullying over pressing political and pop culture issues in the social media sphere.
  • A Children's Place and Other Prime-Time Props: Reality TV Gone Wild. Children being exploited as television accessories and brand trailblazers.
  • Obamaclock. President Obama's tenure in office is ticking away as he continues to harvest mass scrutiny at the hands of the recession's grip.
  • Heading Off Angst. The mobilization of a universal brain-health movement that includes helmet safety, the dangers of cell-phone use, soldiers' traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder, and beyond.
  • No Piggy in the Bank. The employment of creative fundraising tactics for nonprofits and startups as a result of the current economic climate.
  • In-Your-Face Honesty. Smart bigwigs will self-expose unlawful misconduct, which the media will place on the back burner out of boredom if it all comes out in the first wash.
  • Go Community! An influx of community niches and hyperlocalization efforts will stampede 2010 with the ever-growing presence of social media tools.
  • The Shadow of the Bomb, Again. Iran, North Korea and Pakistan will partake in a risky game of poker--with the world anxiously holding their cards.
  • Hands-On Aspirations for Insourcing. With a multiplicity of information online and so much employment shifting to the service sector, industries and individuals advance making-and-mending skills.

Although this list of trends shows a diversity of political, economic and cultural issues, one critical facilitator triggers them all: social media. Undoubtedly, the crystal ball foresees a year infused with digital media, convergence and synergy at its finest.

Trends now commonplace in mainstream society, including in-home videoconferences (such as Apple's iChat), digital books, beauty-in-a-pill supplements, gossip publications and organic foods are a few of the dozens of accurate forecasts Salzman has pioneered. "I've been assessing business and cultural trends for many years, and as I worked on the 2010 list, I reflected on predictions I'd made five, 10 and even 15 years ago. I was struck by how many actually came to pass, as well as how many remain true to this day," said Salzman. "In five and 10 more years, I'll review this current forecast. I'm looking forward to that assessment and reflection, too. I'm still remembering when I told clients to reserve cybernames in 1995 and they rolled their eyes...."

To view a virtual report card of Salzman's past forecasts and read further into the esteemed trendspotter's predictions for 2010, see "Dusting Off My Crystal Ball" on her blog at To request interviews and images, please contact Jamie Bernheim at 212-367-6865 or

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