Exostar Driving Secure, Automated Representations and Certifications Process for Raytheon and its Suppliers

Managed Access Gateway, Reps and Certs Solutions Enable A&D Giant and its Vendors to Reduce Time, Resource, and Cost Commitments

Dec 15, 2009, 09:15 ET from Exostar

HERNDON, Va., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Exostar, the leading provider of secure, on-demand, multi-enterprise collaboration solutions to the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry, today announced that its Managed Access Gateway (MAG) offering is now facilitating supplier representations and certifications (Reps & Certs) process interactions between Raytheon Company and over 1,000 of its suppliers. MAG delivers a secure, automated environment for Reps & Certs process execution, allowing Raytheon to transition its suppliers away from a manually-intensive, paper-based approach.

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the Department of Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS) mandate that government contractors obtain Reps & Certs documents from every supplier that exceeds certain spend thresholds in support of government contracts. Through its commitment to continuous process improvement, Raytheon evaluated legacy practices and identified opportunities to streamline Reps & Certs documentation in fulfillment of FAR/DFARS requirements across the enterprise.

Prior to turning to Exostar, Raytheon relied on decentralized processes defined by each of its six businesses. "Our Reps & Certs approach involved manual interactions on the part of our operations that absorbed time and effort better expended on other tasks," said Bill Forbes, Raytheon's Director of Supply Chain Technology. "Exostar's solutions have allowed us to centralize, standardize and automate the Reps & Certs process across the company, while leveraging our IT infrastructure to allow for secure electronic collaboration with our suppliers. As a result, we are realizing significant process savings."

Because the Reps and Certs solution is deployed within Raytheon's IT infrastructure, access to the application must be limited to approved suppliers and their designated users. The Exostar solution also means suppliers no longer have to repeatedly submit Reps & Certs documents to Raytheon. Now, suppliers need only certify once, dramatically reducing their time commitments while empowering any Raytheon buyer in any business unit to quickly and conclusively obtain the information they require.

With MAG, Raytheon enjoys the benefit of best practices for supplier information and account management, and a single place to connect to give access to all validated suppliers and users, satisfying corporate security requirements. From the supplier's perspective, MAG supports Web-based single sign-on access to Reps & Certs activities, as well as the potential to reach other applications, based on user privileges, in the expansive Exostar cloud.

MAG is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that provides identity management services. MAG allows an enterprise to outsource its external user account management to Exostar, which delivers automated provisioning of external suppliers and users, user authentication, and help desk support.

According to Vijay Takanti, Exostar's Vice President of Security and Collaboration Solutions, "Firms with large, geographically distributed supply bases simply can't afford to dedicate resources to manually-intensive, paper-driven Reps & Certs processes. The pace at which suppliers are migrating to our MAG/Reps and Certs solution is accelerating for three reasons. First, all parties have significant upside potential. Second, the solution is proven and delivering promised results. Finally, Exostar makes the transition and ongoing execution smooth."

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