Finding a Job: Survey Says Most Canadians Use Traditional Job-Search Methods but Social Media is the Choice of the Future

Aug 01, 2012, 07:00 ET from RANDSTAD CANADA

Survey says most Canadian employees use online job boards, newspaper ads when finding a job.

TORONTO, Aug. 1, 2012 /CNW Telbec/ - If you're a Canadian job seeker, the traditional means to finding a job are still the most commonly used. Canadians ranked online job boards and newspaper advertisements as the most common ways to find jobs, according to a survey recently conducted by ICMA International and sponsored by Randstad Canada.

The survey results indicate online jobboards (72%) and advertisements in newspapers (55%) are still the most frequent channels that Canadians use to find a job.  However, it is specifically younger and higher educated Canadians, that say they are more likely to use to use social media sites when looking for a job.

Nearly one in four (22%) Canadians say they use social media sites to find jobs. However, of those that do, younger Canadians (64% above average), those with a higher education (51% above average) and men (22% above average) are using social media in their search for job opportunities.

"The job search is always changing and evolving," says Jan Hein Bax, President of Randstad Canada. "While these results indicate that traditional methods like job boards and newspaper ads are the most common way for Canadians to find suitable employment, it's undeniable that technology will always play a prominent role in the job search process, especially with younger generations," he says.

"The younger generations have grown up with technology and they're using these digital tools to find their ideal jobs," says Bax. "In past years, there was a heavy dependence on job boards, but now social media is becoming an integral part of finding a job. These days, recruiters who are not using these tools, are falling behind. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are key for job-seekers and can sometimes offer more traffic than a job board," he says.

Additionally, Canadians with a higher education (44% above average) and men (26% above average) are said to be more likely to use staffing companies in their search for job opportunities.

The survey results also show that Canadians with a higher education (119% above average), men (61% above average) and younger Canadians (19% above average) are more likely to use networking meetings to aide their search for jobs.

According to Bax, while searching and applying for jobs over the Internet is the primary job search strategy for many job seekers, it's important to use an all encompasing search strategy. "The job search is a multifaceted process and job candidates are encouraged to use as many tools as possible. Those who rely on just one tool, will take longer to find a position," he says. "Job seekers must learn how to use all of the tools at their disposal and rely on a mix of approaches to find the right job for them."

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