Fire Protection is a Constant Concern; Fatal Downtown L.A. Fire is a Grim Reminder

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Nov 20, 2013, 20:02 ET from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A rekindled fire that flared up in a Downtown Los Angeles building last weekend offered a sad picture of what can happen when fires hit businesses, as an unidentified body was found among the ashes by firefighters. Fire Protection Group, Inc. would like to take the opportunity to remind owners and managers of business properties of the human and financial toll of a fire. They also like to remind businesspeople that putting in place the correct sprinkler, fire alarm systems and other key precautions can make the difference between a costly inferno, a very minor incident, or no incident at all. Even something as simple as the right fire pump can make the difference between life and death – for an individual, but also for a business or organization.

Several things take place in the aftermath of a fire. The damage is estimated and the cost of repairs and rebuilding become apparent. The fire department will investigate the incident to see whether or not the fire may have been caused by an arsonist. Local media will very likely cover the incident. If there are injuries or a fatality, of course, it gets infinitely more complex and expensive.

The enormous human cost aside, the financial impact of a fire can be absolutely ruinous to an organization's bottom line. The expense in terms of insurance, legal fees, rebuilding costs, not to mention lost business and bad publicity, can snuff out the life of a business with frightening speed. It gets vastly worse if a company has not performed its due diligence when it comes to complying with all the relevant fire codes and regulations.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. was created to ensure that businesses could easily live up to the moral and legal obligation to take all the necessary steps to prevent a fire, and to protect lives and property in the event of an actual blaze. Lead engineer, general manager, and noted fire authority George Saadian and Los Angeles Fire Department veterans Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway have the kind of understanding that only vast knowledge and experience can bring; when it comes to helping businesses prevent and/or minimize the damage from fires, few can match their record of success.

Indeed, Mr. Saadian and Chief Hernandez have helped craft revisions in many of the most important fire codes currently being enforced. If your business is seriously concerned about the potential human and financial cost of a fire, experts agree that taking advantage of a free consultation with Fire Protection Group, Inc. is an excellent first step. Using the services of Los Angeles' most knowledgeable fire protection team could turn out to be the most important investment a businessperson will ever make.

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