First-ever Global 3D Video-on-Demand Platform Is Launched: Direct Content Monetization Solves 3D Industry's Distribution Problems

Oct 14, 2014, 10:45 ET from 3doo, Inc.

NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- 3doo, Inc. today announced the launch of its global 3D Video-on-Demand (VoD) platform, a new distribution system for 3D content owners and producers - from independent artists to major studios - to directly market and monetize their media content to end users viewing 65 million 3D TVs in 180 countries.

3doo's intuitive, fully-automated VoD platform solves the 3D industry's long-standing challenges of lack of distribution infrastructure (for 3D content producers), lack of sufficient content (for 3D device manufacturers), and lack of easy access (for 3D end users), generating opportunities for significant new revenue streams through both native 3D content as well as the conversion of 2D content to 3D.

"3doo's global VoD platform utterly transforms the worldwide distribution of 3D content," said 3doo President Ingo Nadler. "The global 3D industry has long awaited a unified marketplace where 3D filmmakers and content owners control their work, and 3D TV viewers can enjoy thrilling content in the comfort of their living rooms nearly everywhere in the world."

Using the 3doo VoD platform, 3D content owners determine the price per viewing as well as the markets in which content is to be distributed, and receive the majority of net VoD revenues after deduction of streaming & transaction costs and applicable taxes. The VoD platform is non-exclusive and 3doo does not license content, so that content owners always control and manage worldwide content distribution through a 3doo account.

"While enabling millions of 3D TV viewers worldwide to rent or purchase 3D content, 3doo is also positioning for the anticipated breakthrough in several years of glasses-free 3D viewing experiences on Smart TVs and mobile devices, as well as for 3D social media and video gaming," Nadler added.

The VoD platform is available using 3doo's "Player App," available for free, either pre-installed or downloadable, on 65 million 3D-enabled Samsung, LG and Panasonic Smart TVs worldwide, to view a growing library of hundreds of hours of 3D entertainment and documentary titles. To view paid VoD content, viewers will require only an account with PayPal, which they link to their 3doo account.

3doo's 3D video portfolio, to eventually include Ultra HD content, is projected to include major Hollywood, Bollywood and Asian studio content, and sports, theatrical productions, television series and live events.

3doo users have already enjoyed more than 4 million free 3D video viewings on more than 650,000 Smart 3D TVs in 180 countries – and 3doo has yet to launch its global marketing campaign.

About 3doo

3doo, Inc., headquartered in New York with engineering operations in Cologne, Germany, is transforming the global distribution of media content by quickly and easily delivering the world of 3D, and eventually Ultra HD, to millions of Smart TV viewers.

In 2013, 3doo's Player App, which dynamically generates channels and allows producers to distribute 3D content directly into Smart TVs, was awarded as a "Best 3D Product" by the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society for its "innovation and user-friendly qualities."

3doo offers geo-targeted advertising with highly effective 3D video and display advertising. Producers and distributors interested in marketing and subsequently monetizing their 3D content to millions of 3D TV viewers around the globe can sign up at no charge at

3doo has already begun to develop app architecture for Ultra HD Smart TVs, 3D mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and for new video gaming, personal 3D content and social networking platforms.

Contact: John Sitilides +1 202 494-1662

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