Fliptop Processes Over 1 Billion Marketing Activities And Powers Predictions For Over 100 Million Records

New Model Builder Software Allows Fliptop to Onboard New Customers in Record Time and Scale to 1000s of Deployments

Aug 03, 2015, 09:03 ET from Fliptop

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug., 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fliptop, a leading provider of predictive applications for Marketing and Sales, announced today that it recently passed a milestone in processing over 1 billion marketing automation activities and powering predictions for over 100 million lead, contact, account, and opportunity records. 

Fliptop's SaaS architecture is built on a modern, proven technology stack. In addition to processing this large volume of customer data, Fliptop's software also hosts the Fliptop Data Cloud, which continuously updates data on over 300 million contacts and over 20 million companies sourced from dozens of data partners and Fliptop's own crawlers.

Fliptop is the first Predictive Marketing SaaS vendor to engineer out the engineers (and data scientists) from the customer setup and monitoring process. Most predictive vendors require the intervention of engineers or data scientists in order to configure their system to the customer's unique Salesforce configuration. Only Fliptop has taken this manual, time-intensive process and reduced it to software, so that a Fliptop Customer Success representative can configure a customer's model to their unique needs after an initial 45-minute walkthrough of Fliptop's Model Builder software. Furthermore, Fliptop's internal monitoring software, FOCUS, allows Fliptop Customer Success representatives to track model performance, updates, and business impact after initial deployment, again without requiring intervention from engineers or data scientists.

"Fliptop has done away with the Wizard of Oz approach to predictive analytics taken by most predictive vendors ('pay no attention to the man behind the curtain')," said Doug Camplejohn, Fliptop CEO and Founder. "Imagine if you had to contact your Marketing Automation vendor and book consulting time every time you wanted to create a campaign—that's the equivalent of how the model building process works for most predictive vendors today. We believe that the only way the Predictive Marketing market can scale to serve the thousands and eventually tens of thousands of companies is to put the power in the hands of business users—empowering them to configure and adapt their predictive models independently."

Fliptop has also filed a number of patents around the company's innovative approaches to predictive modeling. Patents include modeling a full customer funnel versus simply a lead-to-opportunity conversion, the incorporation of marketing automation activities into predictive models, and unique methods that combine multiple machine-learning models for better overall performance.

About Fliptop

Fliptop is modern software for predictive sales and marketing. Fliptop helps companies gain competitive advantage, improve lead quality, boost conversion rates, and drive sales revenue. The Fliptop predictive platform is a living, breathing system that continuously adds new data, updates predictive models in real time and scales with the business.


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