Georgia Kindergarteners Are Going Green With Idbids

Jun 16, 2010, 10:25 ET from Idbids LLC

ATLANTA, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Helping to take care of the Earth now rests in some of the littlest hands in Georgia. Atlanta area kindergarteners are learning how they can make a big difference when it comes to using our resources, keeping nature beautiful, and building more sustainable lifestyles.

With assistance from Idbids LLC, a Georgia-based company, kindergarten teachers are empowering a generation to care for the environment.  The company has recently introduced a curriculum program for kindergarten classes that aligns with Georgia state standards for English language arts, math, and science – a curriculum that helps schools and teachers lead the way in environmental education, a subject moving to the forefront as an important initiative for young learners.  On a national scale, with requirements for CORE standards now recognized in Georgia, leading the way in environmental education is a recurring topic.

"The Idbids kindergarten program is especially exciting because it introduces environmental education at an age when children are forming important habits," states Adrienne Schure, an education executive who has created K-8 curriculum products for top educational companies such as Sesame Workshop, Scholastic, and Discovery Channel. Ms Schure also comments, "A key aspect of this program is that it teaches science concepts at the same time it teaches environmental education to young children.  It is innovative, timely, relevant, and something schools should consider as they look for new science programs this year."

The Idbids Iddy Biddy Steps for a Greener World® Classroom Program was designed to be comprehensive, age-appropriate, and easy-to-implement. "We understand how valuable every minute is for teachers," says Debbie Smith, Idbids Chief Brand Officer, "and so we included everything a teacher needs. The lessons are designed to be easy to implement and we hope fun for teachers to teach and students to learn."

Taking an important topic such as environmental sustainability and integrating it into a program that can be understood by young learners, Idbids is pleased to first introduce its comprehensive program in Georgia. "Our mission is to educate a generation to live a sustainable lifestyle," says Eric Bleke, Idbids president and COO. "All that is happening across the country to prepare students for college and entering the workforce is so important. Our research shows that environmental education can have a positive and lasting impact – even for kindergarteners."

The lessons incorporate the award-winning Idbids characters, based on the water cycle, to help engage the students and make real the big subject of environmental sustainability. Studies have shown that incorporating play into teaching helps students learn. When used with the lesson plans, the Idbids characters – Scout the cloud, Lola the flower, and Waverly the water drop – enable teachers to introduce play to reinforce the practical science concepts in the lesson plans. In addition, a unique feature to this program is promoting students' family participation.

The classroom kits are available now for order. For more information about Idbids Iddy Biddy Steps for a Greener World Classroom Program, visit or call 1-877-4IDBIDS (1-877-443-2437).


Idbids LLC, headquartered in Atlanta, develops educational programs and products designed to engage children and promote awareness about the world in which we live. Idbids' educational philosophy is that small steps can make a big difference, and that children and adults can work together to make positive changes within our communities.