Launches iTunes Playlist Sharing Platform

Jan 06, 2010, 13:33 ET from

GLASTONBURY, Conn., Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Zatisfi, LLC has launched, a free web site where users can get (find and download) playlists and share playlists with other users. GetPlaylists integrates directly with iTunes and Windows Media Player so that downloaded playlists work automatically. With GetPlaylists, playlists can be downloaded directly to iTunes and Windows Media Player. Playlists are the CD of today and help people organize their music. Before GetPlaylists, playlists could not be shared between platforms because they are unique to each PC, to each digital music player and to each music collection.

"Consumers today buy digital singles 16-1 over CDs and albums which means they need playlists more than ever," said Zatisfi's Todd Sun. "Our technology is the first of its kind in that it enables real playlist sharing where downloaded playlists automatically work." provides access to both professionally and user-created playlists. Users can share playlists with friends via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, email and instant messenger. They can also search for playlists by artist, song title, album, genre or playlist title. Playlists can be downloaded and played on any computer, iTunes or Windows Media Player, iPod or MP3 player.

"This is the first application that enables people to use playlists on an automated basis," said Tom Brophy, Co-Founder of Zatisfi. "When a user downloads a playlist, we match it against their music collection and tell them which songs they have and which songs they'd need to buy to complete the playlist. We then facilitate the purchase of digital music through our online store and automatically move the playlist to iTunes or Windows Media Player."

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About Zatisfi

Zatisfi, through its web site, is an innovative digital music service that enables users to find, download, share and use playlists automatically. In partnership with MediaNet, GetPlaylists' online music store includes more than 7 million MP3s.