GetWellNetwork Introduces Industry's First Interactive Bedside System Designed Specifically for Children's Hospitals

GetWell Town Engages Patients and Families in the Care Process to Drive Patient Satisfaction and Key Hospital Initiatives

Oct 12, 2009, 09:00 ET from GetWellNetwork, Inc.

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- NACHRI 2009 Annual Meeting (Booth #302) - GetWellNetwork, Inc., today introduced GetWell Town(TM), the industry's first and only Interactive Patient Care system designed specifically for pediatric patients. This new version of the GetWellNetwork system helps children's hospitals actively engage pediatric patients and their families in the care process while addressing the unique needs of children, parents and hospital staff at the bedside.

The design and development of GetWell Town is the culmination of more than two years of research, including focus groups from teen and family advisory committees from children's hospitals across the country, and ongoing guidance by the GetWellNetwork National Children's Hospital Task Force. The task force includes members from more than 15 pediatric facilities and multiple disciplines focused on providing direction and insight into the continual evolution of the GetWellNetwork system.

"We are thrilled to be the first to launch GetWell Town," explained Marla Silliman, administrator, Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children. "GetWellNetwork's commitment to the children's hospital community is evident, and the launching of GetWell Town is a true breakthrough in the pediatric patient experience. It fits powerfully into the unique healing environment we have designed with our partners from Disney."

GetWell Town delivers a true pediatric experience with a rich, interactive and visually engaging interface and messaging that invites patients to learn and play. An animated character named Moti welcomes and guides patients in using the system. Dynamic capabilities personalize the user experience. Custom content tools drive engagement in quality and safety initiatives and participation in hospital events and promotions.

"We are excited that GetWell Town is now available for our Children's Hospital Community. The input and feedback from the children's community has been terrific. Transforming the care process via patient engagement to achieve optimal outcomes continues to be our primary goal. It's important that we continue to deliver best-of-breed education, age-relevant content, and second-to-none entertainment features to meet the unique needs of young patients and the families and hospitals that care for them. GetWell Town allows us to do this in a fun and exciting new way," said Shannon O'Neil, MSW, director of pediatrics at GetWellNetwork, Inc.

GetWell Town provides a range of features that serve the system's three primary users: children, parents and hospital staff.

For patients:

  • Personalized Care Experience: Dynamic capabilities personalize the user experience with content tailored to engage and educate the patient according to age, condition and preferences.
  • Child Life Programming: Interactive prompts drive participation in hospital events and promotions, offer in-room alternatives, and make the hospital experience more enjoyable.
  • Home-Like Entertainment Options: On-demand movies, Internet, email and instant messaging through a full Web browser, and a wealth of gaming options including the ability to attach personal game consoles, provide a welcome distraction and continuation of the amenities they are used to at home.

For parents:

  • Parental Controls: Password-protected area gives parents options to restrict access to movies, games, television, Internet, patient education prescriptions and more.
  • Convenient Services: Easy access to services such as in-room meal ordering and prescription fulfillment that allow parents to remain at the bedside.
  • Exclusive Pediatric Education: Innovative education videos covering a range of topics including asthma, cancer, diabetes, RSV, tests and procedures, post-procedural care, fall prevention and pediatric safety. Developed in partnership with KidsHealth®, the programs include comprehension questions and informational handouts, and are available exclusively through GetWellNetwork. The asthma education suite was recently recognized by the prestigious Freddie Awards for exceptional work in health media.

For staff:

  • Pediatric Patient Pathways®: Customized Pathways enable staff to more effectively meet quality and safety standards. A central aspect of the GetWellNetwork system, the Patient Pathways workflow engine delivers a variety of interactive messages that display on the patient's television. These messages guide patients through their stay and proactively invite them to learn more about their care, condition and safety. Pediatric Pathways engage patients in such areas as fall prevention, asthma care, safety and discharge planning. Education completion, comprehension and documentation are automated.
  • User Identification: Built-in functionality allows staff to recognize and capture user data to identify if the child or parent completed prescribed education and other assessments. This feature also provides hospitals with the ability to receive and identify feedback from pediatric patients regarding their care experience.
  • Access to Key Tasks: Password-protected area gives nurses and staff easy access to perform essential tasks such as education ordering from the bedside.

In addition to bringing GetWell Town to its existing facilities, new clients Banner Cardon Children's Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz. and All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla. will also launch GetWellNetwork this fall in their new facilities.

About GetWellNetwork, Inc.

GetWellNetwork, Inc. is a leading provider of Interactive Patient Care (IPC) solutions. IPC solutions actively engage patients in the care process to drive performance improvements in quality, service, operational efficiencies and new revenue opportunities. Currently operating live at more than 10,000 hospital beds around the country, GetWellNetwork provides patients and families with access to comprehensive education, home-like entertainment options, and convenient services through the in-room television. The solution is powered by a proprietary workflow engine and is exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA). GetWellNetwork, Inc. headquarters are in Bethesda, Maryland. For more information, please call 877.MEET.GWN or visit

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