Global Nanotechnology Industry

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Global Nanotechnology Industry

This report analyzes the Global market for Nanotechnology in US$ Billion by the following End-Use Sectors: Chemicals, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Semiconductors & Electronics, Pharma & Healthcare, Food, and Others. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2009 through 2018.The report profiles 670 companies including many key and niche players such as Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc., Advanced Nano Products Company Limited, Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., Arrowhead Research Corporation., Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Bruker Corporation, Catalytic Materials, LLC, Chemat Technology Inc., eSpin Technologies, Inc., ELITech Group, Genefluidics, Inc., Hanwha Nanotech Corporation, Hybrid Plastics, Hyperion Catalysis International, Inc., Integran Technologies, Inc., Intrinsiq Materials Limited, Life Technologies Corportation, Luxtera, Inc., Nanocyl S.A., NanoGram Corporation, NanoMaterials Ltd., Nanosys, Inc., Quantumsphere, Inc., Raymor Industries, Inc., Rogue Valley Microdevices, Inc., Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co., Ltd., SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc., Starpharma Holdings, Dendritic Nanotechnologies, Inc., Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC, and Unidym, Inc. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

Study reliability and reporting limitations I-1
Disclaimers I-2
Data interpretation & reporting level l-2
Quantitative techniques & analytics I-3
Product definitions and scope of study I-3
Chemicals I-3
Automotive I-4
Aerospace and defense I-4
Semiconductors & electronics I-4
Pharma & healthcare I-4
Food I-5
Other end-use applications I-5


Nanotechnology - A Curtain Raiser II-1
Breaking Conventional Size Barriers II-2
New Discoveries Bridge the Gap between Organic and Inorganic
Materials II-2
Expect the Unexpected II-3
Nanotechnology Industry Gathering Momentum II-3
Enabling Technologies - Need of the Hour II-3
Impact of Recent Economic Recession in Retrospect II-4
Resurgence in Global Economy Reinstates Stable Growth Momentum
in Nanotechnology Market in 2010 II-5
Nanotechnology Market Fares Relatively Better Amidst Eurozone
Crisis II-6
Current and Future Analysis II-6
Regional Dynamics II-6
Developing Markets to Turbo Charge Future Growth in
Nanotechnology Market II-7
Semiconductors & Electronics - The Largest End-Use Market II-7
Beyond MEMS and MST II-7
Growing Demand for 90-nm Technology in SoC Market II-8
Shift in Direction Towards "More Than Moore's Law" Brings
Spotlight on Nanointegration II-8
Need for Use of Minute Parts in Consumer Electronics II-9
Growing Need for Boosting Computer Disk Drive Storage II-9
Pharmaceutical & HealthCare Industry to Lend Traction to the
Nanotechnology Market II-9
Nanomedicine Market to Achieve Phenomenal Growth II-10
High Demand for Tiny Healthcare Devices II-11
Nanotechnology Gaining Prominence for Treatment of Cancer II-11
Review of Select Cancer Treatment Procedures using
Nanotechnology II-11
Nanodiagnostic Products to Achieve Significant Demand II-12
Key Statistical Findings II-13
Table 1: Percentage Breakdown of Number of Nanotechnology
Companies in Healthcare Industry Worldwide by
Region/Country (2011) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-13

Table 2: Percentage Breakdown of Number of Nanotechnology
Companies in Healthcare Industry Worldwide by Type -
Private and Public Sector (2011) (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) II-13

Table 3: Percentage Breakdown of Number of Nanotechnology
Companies in Healthcare Industry Worldwide By Sector -
Therapeutics and Drug Delivery; Clinical Diagnostics; Drug
Discovery Tools and Biomedical Research; and Biomaterials
and Biomedical Implants (2011) (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) II-14

Table 4: Percentage Breakdown of Number of Nanotechnology
Companies in the field of Therapeutics and Drug Delivery
Worldwide by Area - Targeted Nanoparticles, Solubility &
Reformulation, Sustained Release, Blood Brain Barrier,
Nanomaterial Therapeutics and Others (2011) (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-14

Table 5: Percentage Breakdown of Number of Nanotechnology
Companies in the field Therapeutics Worldwide by
Therapeutic Area - Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Central
Nervous System Diseases, Nutraceuticals, Ophthalmology and
Others (2011) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-15

Table 6: Percentage Breakdown of Number of Nanotechnology
Companies in the field of Clinical Imaging and Diagnostics
Worldwide by Area - Tags and Probes; Imaging Agents;
Biosensors and Bio-detection; and Instruments (2011)
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-15
Nanocatalyst Applications in Pharmaceutical Industry II-15
Reduction in Wastage and Side-Products - An Established
Commercial Application II-15
Demand from Chemical Industry Boosts Nanotechnology Market II-16
Established Commercial Nanocatalyst Applications II-16
Detergents II-16
Ethanol Production II-16
Agricultural Chemicals II-16
Food Industry - Opportunities Galore II-17
Opportunities in Food Packaging Growing at a Frenzy Pace II-17
Nanotechnology Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry II-17
Automotive Segment - A Key Application Area for
Nanomaterials & Composites II-18
Nanotechnology Applications in Consumer Goods Market II-18
Nanotechnology in Cosmetic Industry II-18
Opportunities in Space Research II-18
Defying Gravity- NASA Banks on Nanotechnology II-18
The Challenges II-19
The Viable Force II-19
Government & Research Institutes Among Leading Customers II-20
Low Entry Barriers & Broad IP Landscape Attract Players from
Diverse Backgrounds II-22
Focus on Improved Performance to Bring New Manufacturing
Methods for Nanomaterials II-23

Most Commercial Applications Still at an Embryonic Stage II-24
Current Commercial Applications of Nanotechnology II-24
Product Commercialization - The Ultimate Goal II-25
Emerging End-Use Markets for Nanotechnology, Related Technique
and Estimated Years to Commercialization II-26
Reproducibility and Scalability - Defining Business at a
Commercial Scale II-27
Review of Select Nanotechnology Based Products & Their Select
Commercial Applications II-28
Nanotubes II-28
Carbon Nanotubes to Register Robust Growth II-28
Carbon Nanotubes Production Goes Up II-28
Carbon Nanotubes Ready for Commercial Application II-29
Carbon Nanotubes Find Robust Adoption in Electronics &
Semiconductors Industry II-29
Nanotubes - Current Production Costs Outweigh Potential Benefits II-29
Nanoparticles II-30
Stain Resistant Khakis in Vogue II-30
Aqueous Polymer Dispersion Products II-30
Nanoparticulate-Based Synthetic Bone II-30
Nanostructured Materials II-30
Tungsten-Carbide Cobalt Composite Powder II-30
Kodak Develops OLED Color Screens Using Nanostructure
Technology II-30
Nanocomposites II-31
Plastics Industry: A Major Application Area II-31
Plastic Nanocomposite for Step-Assists in Vehicles II-31
Packaging - A Major Area for Nanocomposites II-31
Nanocomposite Coatings II-32
Coating Process Developed for Self-Assembled Monolayers II-32
Nanocomposite Coated Tennis Balls Bounce Better II-32
Nanocoatings to Gain Prominence in Aerospace Industry II-32
Nanocrystals II-32
Nanocatalysts II-33
NanoScale Catalyst Technology used for Converting Coal into Gas II-33
Manufacture of Automotive Catalytic Converters II-33
Production of Hydrogen Peroxide with Higher Selectivity to
the Desired Product II-33
Nanofilters II-33
Nanofilter for Filtering Smallest Sized Particles II-33
End Use Applications - Commercialization Time Grid II-34
Controversies Still Dog Nanotechnology II-34
Dearth of Quick Results Fuel Skepticism II-35
Factors Hampering Rapid Commercialization II-35
Delay in Setting up Labs II-35
Legal & Regulatory Processes Delay Release of Funds II-35
Difficulty in getting Money II-36
R&D - Not an Instant Result Generating Activity II-36
Scarcity of Researchers with Appropriate Training II-36
Limited Access to Tools & Technologies II-36
The Fat Fingers Problem II-37
The Sticky Fingers Problem II-37
Battling 'Grey Goo' Blues II-37
Research Duplication & Absence of Common Standards II-38
Legal and Financial Constraints for Startups II-38
Investment Issues and High Costs Delay Rapid Commercialization II-39
Separating Hype from Reality - A Major Challenge II-40
Need of the Hour II-42
Guarded and Protective Stance on Intellectual Property & Open
Knowledge-Sharing II-42
Development of Industrial Processes for Patterning Materials
on Nanoscale II-42
Effective Utilization of Government Budgets II-43

Research & Development - The Nanotechnology Lifeline II-44
Pioneers into a Small World II-44
US, EU and Japan - Spearheading Nanotech R&D Revolution II-45
National Initiatives Promote R&D Efforts in Rest of World II-45
Cross-disciplinary Nature Demands Coordinated Research II-46
Interdisciplinary Nature Demands a Collective Approach II-46
"United We Discover" - Industry's Call to Universities &
Research Houses II-48
Academic Research Institutions - Pioneering Commercial
Applications II-48
The Commercialization Process II-49
Funding - The Lifeline for R&D II-49
Research Arenas - Funding Dictates the Direction II-50
Nanocompetence by Geographic Region/Country II-50
R&D Budgets - Large Investments into a Small World II-51
The Big Spenders II-51
Government Bodies & Venture Capitalists Fuel Research Initiatives II-51
Table 7: World Nanotechnology Market (2006-2015): Yearly
Breakdown of Government Funding (in US$ Million) for
Nanotechnologies (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-52
Venture Capital - New Ventures on a Back Burner? II-52
Why Invest in Nanotech? II-53
The Societal and Industrial Implications of Nanotechnology II-53
Life Sciences (Medicine, Biology, Pharmacy and Health) II-53
Industrial Sector (Materials, Products and Manufacturing) II-53
Environment II-54
Water Resources II-54
Energy II-54
Agriculture II-54
Space Exploration Programs II-55
Defense Capabilities II-55
The Timing II-55
Reality Check - Looking Beyond the Hype II-55
Investment Management and Control II-56
Investment Objectives - What, Where and How Much? II-56
Chemicals and Advanced Materials II-56
Electronics and Communications II-56
Biotechnology II-57
Investment Criteria - Analysis and Decision Process II-57
Venture Funding - Analysis & Decision Process II-57
Management of the Company II-58
Product II-58
Technology II-58
Target Market II-58
Business Model & Strategy II-58

Proliferation of Nanotechnology Patent II-59
Patents - Guarding Intellectual Property II-59
An Introduction - Concepts Made Clearer II-59
Inventor II-59
Types of Patent Claims II-59
Patent Claims - Basic Rules of the Game II-59
General Patent Trends II-60
Intellectual Property (IP) Patents II-60
Types of Intellectual Property II-60
Patents II-60
Nanotechnology Patents - Unique Characterization II-60
Corporate IP Policy II-60
Patent Protection Vital for Investment II-60
Industry's Multidisciplinary Nature Calls for Regulations II-61
Nanotechnology Patent/Claim Trends - What's New II-62


Overview II-64
US Nanotechnology Industry - Characterized by Diverse Value
Chain Participants II-64
A Review of Select End-Use Industries Promising Revenue
Opportunities II-65
Electronics and Communications II-65
CNTs to Enable Better Storage Memory for Mobile Devices II-65
CNTS to Help CMOS in Size Reduction II-65
Health and Life Sciences II-65
Chemicals and Advanced Materials II-66
Transportation II-67
Trends and Issues II-67
Collaborated Efforts - The In-Thing II-67
Time- to-Market remains a Central Concern II-67
National Nanotechnology Alliance - Driving the R&D II-68
Leading Universities and Their Contribution to Nano Research II-68
Tools Act as Foundation for Higher Commercial Applications II-69
First-Mover Status Doesn't Guarantee an Edge II-70
Patent Profile II-71
Challenges II-71
Application Specific Nanomaterials Development Still Years Away II-71
Less Demand from Semiconductor Segment II-71
Challenges Galore for Start Up Companies in Nano Markets II-71
Carbon Nanotubes Market II-72
Research Institutes and their Involvement in Developing
Carbon Nanotubes II-72
Early Entrants - A Profile of Company Size and Life Cycle II-73
Research Institutions II-73
Ames Research Center II-73
California Institute of Technology II-73
GE Global Research II-74
IBM Research II-74
Johnson Space Center II-74
Motorola Labs II-75
University of California II-75
University of Texas II-76

5b. CANADA II-77
Issues and Trends II-77
Brain Drain - Losing the Best and Brightest II-78
Universities and Government Agencies Involved in Nanoscale
Research II-78

5c. JAPAN II-79
Overview II-79
Analysis by End-Use Industry Segments II-79
Electronics and Communications II-79
Chemicals and Advanced Materials II-80
Transportation II-80
Health and Life Sciences II-80
Nanotechnology - A Strategic Pillar in Nation's S&T Plan II-80
Leading Japanese Institutions Involved in Nanotechnology
Programs Over the Years II-81
Japanese Government - Leading the R&D Initiatives II-82
New National Programs Drive R&D Effort II-82
Japanese Programs in Nanotechnology Over the Years II-82
IT/Electronics and Nanostructured Materials - Favored Research
Arenas II-83
Alloys - A New Dimension II-83
Nanotechnology Consortium - An Interface for Technology Transfer II-83
Hindrances to Development of Nanotechnology II-84

5d. EUROPE II-85
Overview II-85
European Programs in Nanotechnology II-85
Germany Leads the Way in Europe II-86
Table 8: Nanotechogy Related Companies in Europe (2011):
Number of Players in Major Regional Markets - Germany, United
Kingdom, France, Italy and Sweden (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) II-86
Healthcare and Life Sciences Dominate Europe in Terms of
Number of Players II-86
Table 9: Nanotechnology Companies in Europe (2010):
Percentage Breakdown of Number of Players by Sector of
Operation - Healthcare and Life Sciences, Consumer Goods,
ICT, Chemicals, Defense and Security, and Others (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-87
Establishing a Regulatory Framework for Nanotechnology II-87
Nanoelectronics in Europe - An Overview II-88
Position of European Nanoelectronics Industry II-88
Transformation of Business Models II-88
Transformation of Research Models II-88
Migration of Nanoelectronics Producers II-88
Technological Impediments II-89
Mediocre Functioning of European Research Organizations II-89
Large-Scale Nanoelectronics Research Activities II-89
Split in Research Investments II-89
Inadequacy of Existing Funding Instruments II-90
Trends and Issues II-90
European NanoBusiness Association - Powering R&D Effort II-90
Commercialization of Products - Separating Hype from Reality II-91
R&D Institutions II-91
Philips Research (The Netherlands) II-91

Overview and Structure II-92
Nanotech Companies in Asia-Pacific: China Tops the List II-92
Nanotech Players in Asia-Pacific by Area of Operation II-92
Table 10: Nanotechnology Companies in Asia-Pacific (2010):
Percentage Breakdown of Number of Players by Sector of
Operation - Chemicals, Healthcare and Life Sciences,
Automotive and Transportation, Consumer Goods, Information
Communication Technology (ICT), and Others (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-93
A Geographic Break-up II-93
Australia - Part of the Tiny Revolution II-93
R&D Initiatives II-94
Nanostructural Analysis Network Organization Leads Research
Initiative II-94
Prominent Australian Groups with their Principal Field of
Research II-95
Australian Projects in Nanotechnology II-95
The World's First Undergraduate Degree in Nanotechnology II-96
Sydney-based Company Creates World's First Nanometer-Sized
Working Device II-97
Challenges for Nanotechnology Development in Australia II-97
Strategies for Overcoming the Challenges II-97
The National Nanofabrication Facility (NNF) and Network II-98
Opportunities II-98
China II-99
Government Takes the R&D Initiative II-99
Chinese Agencies involved in Nanotech II-99
Nation's First Nanometer Technology Industrial Base Set up
in Tianjin II-100
Carbon Nanotubes Market II-100
India II-100
Nanomedicine Market Gains Pace in India II-101
Thailand II-101
Singapore II-102
South Korea II-102
Ministry of Science & Technology Takes Initiative for
Nanotech Funding II-102
Information Technology Industry Leads Nanotech R&D Efforts II-102
Carbon Nanotubes Market II-103
Key Areas of Research - Energy, Optics, Textiles and Medical
Equipment II-103
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology - A Key South
Korean R&D Participant II-103
Taiwan II-103
Overview II-103

Israel II-104
Areas of Importance II-104
Iran II-104

A Conceptual Definition II-105
Think small II-105
What is Nanotechnology? II-105
Background II-106
Analysis of Major Product Segments II-106
Dendrimers II-106
Fullerenes II-107
Nanobelts II-107
Nanocapsules II-107
Nanocrystalline Materials II-107
Nanofibers II-108
Surface Properties II-108
Nanoparticles II-108
Nanoporous Materials II-109
Nanosprings II-109
Nanotubes II-109
Nanowires II-110
Quantum Dots II-110
Nanotech Applications - An End Use Perspective II-110
Tools & Process Instruments II-110
Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (STMs) II-111
Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) II-111
Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) II-111
Chemicals II-112
Nanostructured Materials II-112
Nanostructured Materials - Application Areas II-112
Catalysts II-113
Attributes of Nanoparticulate Catalysts II-113
Future Scenario - A Road Map II-114
Paints and Coatings II-114
Coatings II-114
Membranes and Filtration II-114
Composites II-115
Sunscreens with UV-light Absorbing Nanoparticles II-115
Others II-115
Alloys - A Definite Facelift II-115
Semiconductors & Electronics II-116
Nanophotonics - Directing Tomorrow's Telecom II-116
Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM) II-116
Nanocrystals II-117
Memory and Display Systems II-117
Optoelectronic Applications II-117
Nanotechnolgy - Its Relevance in Optical Fiber Communication
Systems II-117
The Present Scenario II-117
The Future - What it Holds II-118
Precision Engineering, Optics and Analytics II-118
Quantum Computing II-119
Electronics and Electromechanical Systems II-119
Miniature Bar Coded Beads Herald New Age Electronics II-119
Automotive/Transportation Industry II-120
Sensors and Displays II-120
Sensors II-120
Global Positioning System (GPS) Sensors II-120
Catalytic Converters and Filters II-121
Aerospace and Defense I-121
Aerospace II-121
Smart Aircraft II-121
Defense II-122
Surveillance and Smart Uniforms II-122
Structural Materials and Coatings II-123
Weapons II-123
Pharma & Healthcare II-124
Nanotechnology and Life Sciences - A Potent Mix II-124
Most Hyped Applications are in the Biotech Arena II-125
Actual Implementation Areas II-125
Hand-Held Disease Detector II-126
Biomedical Nanotechnology II-126
Drug Delivery II-127
Nanoparticles and Gene Therapy II-128
Others II-128
Nanomachines - The Tech Revolution II-128
Food II-129
Edible Wraps - Putting Recycling out of Fashion II-129
Other End-use Applications II-129
Energy II-129
Quantum Wells (QW) Solar Cells II-129
Dye Sensitised Nanocrystalline Devices II-130
Fuel Cells and Rechargeables II-130
Power Transmission II-130
Nanoelectronics - Now and Ahead II-130
Lighting II-131
Nanoproperties of Light II-132
Nanolasers II-132
Nanocrystals II-132
Other Miscellaneous End-Use Applications II-132
Proteins - A New Way of Making Wires II-132
E-Textiles - The Smart New Dress Code II-133
Futuristic Applications II-134
Bio-molecular Motors II-134
Genetic and Tissue Engineering II-134
External Tissue Products II-134
Internal Tissue Implants II-134
Dental and Bone Replacement II-135
Protein and Gene Analysis II-135
Nanorobot Therapeutics II-135
Lab-on-a-Chip Techniques II-135
Medical Diagnostic Sensors II-136
Nano Medical Devices - From Surgical Tools to Contact Lenses II-137
Nanoengineered Prosthetics II-137
Nanotubes - Potential Drug Delivery Vehicles II-137
Quantum Computers II-138

Top-down and Bottom-up Concepts II-139
Nanoscale Structure Construction Techniques II-139
Dip-Pen Nanolithography II-139
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) II-140
Self-Assembly II-140
Soft Lithography II-141
Common Enabling Technologies II-141
Electron Microscopy II-141
Micromachining II-142
Molecular Design/Modeling II-142
Nanolithography II-143
Nanoprobes II-143
Nano Probes in Intra-Cellular Study II-143
Quantum Dots in Nano Probing II-144
Chemical and Magnetic Nano Probes II-144
Supramolecular Chemistry II-144
Thin Film Technology II-144
Nanomaterial Synthesis Techniques II-145
Amorphous Crystallization II-145
Chemical Precipitation II-145
Combustion Synthesis II-145
Dip Coating II-146
Dynamic-Magnetic Consolidation II-146
Electro-Deposition II-146
Electrophoretic Deposition II-147
Application of EPD to SOFC Fabrication II-147
Field-Assisted Sintering Techniques II-147
Gas Condensation With Thermal Evaporation II-147
Gas-Phase Processing II-148
High-Energy Milling II-148
Applications II-148
Hydrodynamic Cavitation II-148
Hydrothermal Processing II-149
Metal Powders II-149
Electroceramic Powders II-149
Organic Carbon Oxidation II-149
Cereals II-149
Removal and Stabilizing of Arsenic II-150
Birch Wood II-150
Wheat Gluten Isolate II-150
Reduction of BOD II-150
Jet-Printing Process II-150
Mechano-Chemical Synthesis II-150
Inter-Metallic Compounds II-151
Quantum Dots II-151
Nanotubes of Boron Nitrides II-151
Thermoelectric Material - Iron Disilicide II-151
Quasi-Isostatic Pressure Process II-151
Self-Assembly of Nano-particles II-151
Severe Plastic Deformation II-152
Shockwave Compaction II-152
Sinter-Forging II-152
Slurry-Coating Routes II-153
Sol-Gel Processing II-153
Solid-State Processes II-154
Sono-chemical Synthesis II-154
Spin Coating II-154
Thermal Plasma Synthesis II-155
Thermal Spray Coating II-155
Thermo-Chemical Synthesis II-155
Vacuum Evaporation on Running Liquids (VERL) II-156
Wet Chemical Processes II-156

The Flip Side of Molecular Nanotechnology (MNT) II-157
Economic Disturbance from Plentiful Accessibility of Cheap
Products II-158
Economic Imbalance Due to Highly Inflated Prices II-158
Right Technology in the Wrong Hands II-158
Small can be Dangerous - Multitude of Miniscule Lethal Weaponry II-159
The Grey Goo Horror II-159
Military Risks - High Destruction System II-159
Environmental and Biological Risks - A Serious Issue II-160
Major Proposals and Efforts Underway on Nanoparticle Safety II-160
Synopsis - No Radicals Please! II-161

Nanophase Technologies Develops LSA Zinc Oxide II-162
Industrial Nanotech Introduces Clear Cool Roof Coating Updated
Version in China II-162
HzO Introduces HzO Nanotechnology II-162
Raymor Nanotech Unveils New Line of Single- Wall Carbon Nanotubes II-162
Industrial Nanotech Unveils Nansulate® Cool Ride II-163
Silanotex and REINSTE Sign Agreement II-163
Reinste Nano Ventures Introduces Single Wall and Double Multi
Wall Carbon Nanotubes II-164
Reinste Nano Ventures Private Limited Unveils Nano
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate II-164
ArcelorMittal Rolls Out Novel Nanotechnology Steel II-165
Applied Nanotech Holdings Launches Solar Inks Pilot
Manufacturing Line II-165

Bruker Introduces Atomic Force Microscopy Modes and
Measurement Modules II-166
Xanofi Rolls Out XanoShear Nanotech Platform II-166
Bodal Chemicals Unveils Nanotechnology-Based Bodactive
Reactive Dyes II-166
Detector Electronics Rolls Out Nanotechnology Metal Oxide
Semiconductor H2S Gas Sensor II-167
GMM Development Launches DURAMAX Nonstick Technology II-167
Panasonic Electric Works Develops New LED Technology II-167
Nanomaterial University Develops Bioactive Nanomaterial II-167
FutureCarbon Launches Non-dusting CNT Granulate II-167
C-Polymers Introduces New Range of CPM and CPC Carbon Nanotubes II-167
Carbon Design Innovations Launches Latest Carbon Nanotube
Enabled Atomic Force Microscope Probes II-168
Elmarco to Develop Next Generation of Solar cells II-168
Cnanoz Rolls Out NanopureTM II-168
Cnanoz Unveils CNT Drug Delivery System II-168
SouthWest NanoTechnologies Launches SWeNT® CG 200 CNT II-169
EnerG2 Introduces Avant-Garde Nano-Structured Materials for
Energy Storage Breakthroughs II-169
Evident Technologies Introduces evidot LED Products II-169
Microfluidics Devises Method for Processing Carbon Nanotubes II-170
Advanced Diamond Technologies Offers NaDiaProbesTM II-170
Altair Nanotechnologies Launches Lithium Titanate Battery for
US Navy II-170
ApNano Materials Introduces Inorganic WS2 Nanotubes II-171
Starpharma Holdings Offers NanoJuiceTM Transfection Kit II-171
Integran Technologies Launches Nanovate TM -NS Coating II-171
NanoGram Introduces New Suite of Silicon Nanoscale Materials II-172
Integran Technologies Launches NanovateTM EM Coating II-172
Neo Biocon Unveils Abraxane Drug in UAE II-172
ApNano Materials Introduces Inorganic WS2 Nanotubes II-172
Starpharma Holdings Offers NanoJuice TM Transfection Kit II-173
Unidym Develops Color Liquid Crystal Display II-173
Chadbourne & Parke Introduces Nanotechnologies Practice II-173
Nanocomp Technologies Manufactures Largest Carbon Nanotube
Material Sheet II-173
Bruker Daltonics Launches FlashFormulaTM Solution II-174
IBM to Develop Nanophotonic Devices II-174
Biomet Launches NanoTite Dental Implant II-174
Nano Chemical Systems Launches Nanoilmarine GREEN 2-Cycle Oil II-175
Oakley Introduces Nanowire Polarized Sunglass Range II-175
Physik Instrumente Launches Nanopositioning E-755 Motion
Controller II-175
Samsung Fabricates 65 Nano Chip for Digital TV II-176
NanoGram Develops Nanocomposites with Superior Refraction and
Transparency II-176
Amsoil Launches Nanofiber-Based Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters II-176
IBM Develops Complete Circuit Around Single Nanotube Molecule II-176
Beyond Skin Science Launches Nanotechnology- Based Skin Care
Products II-177
SmalTec Introduces M217-n Micro-EDM/Nano- Grinding Equipment II-177
Lati Launches Compounds with Carbon Nanotubes II-177
Zyvex Corporation Unveils New Product Family II-177
Acrongenomics, Inc., Introduces Nanotechnology- Based Cancer
Detection Kit II-177
Nanofilm Introduces Clarity Defender for Automotive Application II-178
Ahwahnee Technology Debuts Carbon Nanotubes Innovation Kit™ II-178

Hitachi High-Technologies to Take Over Sit NanoTechnology II-179
GEA Group and Cavitation Technologies Sign Technology and
Licensing Agreement II-179
NanoTech Entertainment and VirtuaPin Ink Manufacturing and
Distribution Agreement II-179
Reinste Nano Ventures Inks Agreement with Raymor Nanotech to
Distribute C-SWNT II-179
Arrowhead Research Takes Over Alvos Therapeutics II-180
Integran Technologies Signs Agreement with Enduro Industries
to Extend License Term II-180
Applied DNA Sciences Enter into Partnership with College of
Nanoscale Science and Engineering II-181
Double A Signs Agreement with National Nanotechnology Centre II-181
Wisepower Takes Over Unidym from Arrowhead Research II-182
Buhler Group Purchases Strategic Interest in Micronisers
Australasia II-182
Sony Takes Over Micronics II-182
DuPont Snaps Up Innovalight II-183
Oxford Instruments Takes Over Omicron NanoTechnology and
Subsidiary Units II-183
Iroko Pharmaceuticals Takes Over iCeutica II-184
IDEX Corporation Inks Definitive Merger Agreement with
Microfluidics International II-184
NanoMech Snaps Up Canadian Nano Technologies II-185
Royal DSM Invests in NanoHoldings II-185
Nanosurf Forms Joint Venture with Suzhou Haizisi in China II-186
Nano Terra Signs Licensing Agreement with Kadmon Pharmaceuticals II-186
3DIcon Inks Facilities Use Agreement with Helmerich Research
Center II-187
Wipro Technologies Enters into Partnership with imec II-187

NanoIntegris Forms Partnership with Unidym II-188
Teijin Takes Over NanoGram II-188
Bruker Takes Over OIM and AFC Instrument Businesses of Veeco
Instruments II-188
SUSS MicroTec Inks Exclusive License Agreement with Rolith to
Develop Nanolithography Technology II-189
LG Display Enters into Joint Development Agreement with QD Vision II-189
Plasan and Q-Flo Form Joint Venture II-190
Nanosys and Sigma-Aldrich Sign Distribution Agreement II-190
CVD Equipment and Graphene Laboratories Sign Exclusive
Distribution Agreement II-190
NEI Establishes American NanoMyte II-191
Dais Analytic Corporation of Odessa Signs Sales Agreement with
Genertec America and CAST Systems Control Technology II-192
Zhuhai Yintong Energy to Acquire 51% Majority Stake in Altair
Nanotechnologies II-192
AECOM Technology Enters into Partnership with Bren School of
Environmental Science & Management II-192
Audax Medical Inks Licensing Agreement with Brown University II-193
King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology Launches
Nanotechnology based initiative II-193
Bilcare Signs Agreement with Pharmaceutical Companies II-193
NanoRidge Materials Enters into Partnership with Riley Solutions II-194
Goodrich Corporation and UDRI Enter into Partnership II-194
JA Solar Holdings and Innovalight Ink Agreements II-194
ActiveCare Enters into Partnership with Vista Therapeutics II-195
NanoMech Bags Contract from KDH Defense Systems II-195
Luna Innovations Acquires Tego Biosciences II-195
Showa Denko KK Builds New VGCFTM-X CNT Unit II-196
Bayer MaterialScience Starts New Carbon Nanotubes Plant II-196
Industrial Nanotech Supplies Nansulate Coatings to Beverage
and Food Companies II-196
SVTC Technologies Deploys Production Tools of Synopsys II-196
EcoloCap Solutions Sells NPW-30 System to R3 Energy II-196
Cambridge NanoTech Enters in Korea II-197
Industrial Nanotech Receives Hefty Nansulate Order from
Exclusive Saudi Distributor II-197
Applied Nanotech Enters into License and R&D Agreement with
Sports Goods Manufacturer II-197
UAlbany NanoCollege, IBM and Novellus Systems Become Strategic
Partners at Albany NanoTech Complex of CNSE II-197
Industrial Nanotech Inks Korea Distribution Agreement Deal
with Intas II-198
API Technologies to Cease Nanotechnology R&D Subsidiary II-198
Russian Nanotech and Eurasian Development Bank Sign Memorandum
of Cooperation II-198
BASF and KIT Enter into Nanotechnology Partnership II-198
Applied Pharma Research Buys New Platform Technology II-199
Saudi Nanotechnology Company Sets Up in Saudi Arabia II-199
CEA's Electronics and Information Technology Laboratory, IBM
Ink Agreement to Jointly Develop Nanoelectronics Technology II-199
Bulgaria Inks Agreement with IBM II-200
Z-Cube Inks Agreement with Yissum Research Development Company II-200
Nanosys' Segment QD SoleilTM Inks Agreement with Starfire
Electronic Development and Marketing Corporation II-200
SPECS GmbH Buys Nanonis GmbH II-201
EcoloCap Solutions Inks Letter of Intent with Micro Bubble
Technology II-201
Shrink Nanotechnologies Buys Shrink Technologies II-201
Integran Technologies Inks Agreement with NOVA Research and
Technology, TransCanada II-202
Advanced Diamond Technologies Receives Contract from Threat
Reduction Agency II-202
eGen Partners Inks Agreement with MysticMD II-202
Bayer Material Science Sets Up New Carbon Nanotube Facility II-203
Unidym Closes Operations in Houston to Consolidate Business
Operations II-203
Pro-Tect Purchases Medivices II-203
Arkema Partners with Fulcrum SP Materials II-203
Unidym Extends Agreement with Samsung Electronics II-204
RFASI and UESM Ink Agreement II-204
Shrink Nanotech and Inabata America Enter into Strategic
Alliance for Solar Products II-204
Applied Nanotech Holdings Signs Research Agreement II-204
SWeNT and Chasm Establish a Development Center II-205
Indium Purchases RNT's Hunt Valley Operations II-205
MSGI Inks Space Act Agreement with NASA II-205
Government of India to Establish R&D Centers II-206
Shrink Nanotechnologies Purchases Shrink Technologies II-206
IBM and CEA/Leti to Collaborate for Research II-206
ATN and ISTA to Ink Research Agreement II-206

Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. (US) II-207
Advanced Nano Products Co., Limited (South Korea) II-207
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (US) II-207
Arrowhead Research Corporation (US) II-208
Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (USA) II-208
Bruker Corporation (US) II-209
Catalytic Materials, LLC (US) II-209
Chemat Technology Inc. (US) II-209
eSpin Technologies, Inc. (US) II-210
ELITech Group (France) II-210
Genefluidics, Inc., (US) II-210
Hanwha Nanotech Corporation (South Korea) II-211
Hybrid Plastics (US) II-211
Hyperion Catalysis International, Inc. (US) II-211
Integran Technologies, Inc. (Canada) II-212
Intrinsiq Materials Limited (IML) (UK) II-212
Life Technologies Corportation (USA) II-212
Luxtera, Inc. II-213
Nanocyl S.A. (Belgium) II-213
NanoGram Corporation (US) II-213
NanoMaterials Ltd, (Israel) II-214
Nanosys, Inc. (US) II-215
QuantumSphere, Inc. (US) II-215
Raymor Industries, Inc. (Canada) II-216
Rogue Valley Microdevices, Inc. (US) II-216
Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co., Ltd. (China) II-216
SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc. (US) II-216
Starpharma Holdings (Australia) II-217
Dendritic Nanotechnologies, Inc. (US) II-217
Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC (US) II-217
Unidym, Inc. (US) II-218

Table 11: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
Nanotechnology Based Products by End-Use Sector - Chemicals,
Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Semiconductors & Electronics,
Pharma & Healthcare, Food, and Other End-Use Markets
Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Billion for
the Years 2009 through 2018 (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) II-219

Table 12: World 10-Year Perspective for Nanotechnology Based
Products by End-Use Sector - Percentage Breakdown of Revenues
for Chemicals, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Semiconductors
& Electronics, Pharma & Healthcare, Food, and Other End-Use
Markets for the Years 2009, 2012 and 2018 (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-220


Total Companies Profiled: 670 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - (696)

The United States (341)
Canada (17)
Japan (61)
Europe (211)
- France (10)
- Germany (76)
- The United Kingdom (56)
- Italy (3)
- Spain (1)
- Rest of Europe (65)
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (65)
Middle East (1)

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