Global Personnel Services Industry

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Global Personnel Services Industry

The global outlook series on Personnel Services provides a collection of market briefs, concise summaries and statistical anecdotes of research findings. The report offers a rudimentary overview of the industry with an on-the-fly focus on staffing services, and details noteworthy trends and issues. Punctuated with 41 data-rich tables that carry both historical as well as current analytic information, the report aims to provide statistical insight into the market dynamics of personnel services industry and its segments. The report also offers a recapitulation of noteworthy mergers & acquisitions, and strategic corporate developments. Regional markets elaborated upon include United States, Canada, Japan, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, The UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore. Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 188 major companies worldwide.

1. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW 1Personnel Services: A Preface 1Temporary Jobs: A Barometer for Economic Health 1Rise in Demand for Temporary Workers 1Occupational Sectors that Commonly Employ Contract orTemporary Employees: Ranked by Order of Engagement/Employment 2Upsurge in Outsourcing of HR Functions 2Table 1: Global HR Services Market (2010): Percentage ShareBreakdown of Revenue by Geographic Region 2

Table 2: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (2010): Percentage

Breakdown of Sales by Countries- Europe, North America and

Rest of World 3

Specialization-A Growing Trend 3

Finding Business Opportunities in Difficult Times 3

Employment Services Industry- An Overview 3

Impact of Recession 3

Table 3: World HR and Employment Services Market (2010):

Percentage Breakdown of Market Value by Segment- Temporary

Staffing, Corporate Training and Search & Placement 4

Competitive Landscape 4

Consolidation 5

Current and Future Outlook 6

Table 4: World Current & Future Analysis for Employment

Services by Geographic Region - US, Japan, Europe,

Asia-Pacific (including Japan) and Rest of World Markets

Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Billion

for Years 2010 through 2015 6

Table 5: World 5-Year Perspective for Employment Services byGeographic Region - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Revenuesfor US, Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Japan) and Rest ofWorld Markets for Years 2011 & 2015 7Regional Employment Conditions 7Developed Economies and the European Union 7Key Statistics 8Middle East and North Africa 8Key Statistics for North Africa: 8Key Statistics for the Middle East 8Sub-Saharan Africa 8Central and South Eastern Europe (Non-EU) & CIS 9Latin America and the Caribbean 9East Asia 9South Asia 9South-East Asia and the Pacific 10Global Staffing Market 10A Synopsis 10Table 6: World Staffing Industry (2011): PercentageBreakdown of Revenue by Segments- Specialist/ProfessionalStaffing, Commercial staffing, Permanent placement fees,Professional Employment Organizations and Outplacement 11Table 7: Top Ten Staffing Firms Worldwide (2008 & 2009):Ranked by Revenues 11Table 8: Global Staffing Services Market (2009): PercentageShare Breakdown of Volume by Geographic Region- NorthAmerica, Japan, Europe (France, Germany, UK and Rest ofEurope) and Rest of World 12


Demographic Factors 13

Socio-Economic Trends 13

Independent Capital Markets Redefine Employment 13

Dependence on GDP Growth 14

Table 9: GDP Rates vs. Unemployment Growth for Years 2007,

2008 and 2010: Annual Breakup by Regions- Developed Economies

and EU, Non-EU and CIS, East Asia, South Asia, South-East

Asia and The Pacific, Latin America and The Caribbean, Middle

East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Global 15

Attracting & Retaining Talent May Become More Elusive 16

Online Recruitment Advertising to Gain Importance 16

3. REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT 17Overview 17Legal-Regulatory Environment in the Temporary Staffing Industry 17Regional Variations in Regulations 18


Role & Structure of Staffing Industry 19

Employment Placement Agencies 19

Professional Employer Organizations 19

Temporary Help Services 19

Advantages of Temporary Work 19

Disadvantages of Temporary Work 20

Salient Features of HR/Personnel Services Industry 20

Nature & Characteristics 20

Agency Fees 20

Task of Personnel Provider 21

A Typical Recruitment Cycle During Economic Slowdown 21

Phase I - Retrenchment 21

Phase II - Replacement 21

Phase III - Recruitment 22

Origin of Personnel Services Industry 22

Development of Personnel Services Industry- through the Years 23





The US Staffing Industry: A Brief Dossier 44

Staffing Firms Don Multiple Roles 44

Various Types of Staffing Services: 44

End-Use Sectors of Staffing Services 44

Clients Satisfied With Staffing Industry 45

Future Prospects 45

Table 10: US Staffing Market (2011): Percentage Breakdown of

Revenue by Segment- Professional Temporary Market,

Generalist Temporary Market, Place & Search, Staff

Leasing/PEO and Outplacement 46

Table 11: US Professional Temporary Staffing Market (2011):Percentage Breakdown of Revenue by Sector- IT Staffing,Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Engineering and Others 46US Employment Services Industry 46An Overview 46Table 12: US Employment Services Market: PercentageBreakdown of Revenues by Service Segment for Years 2010 &2011- Temporary Staffing Services, Employment Agencies andEmployee Leasing Services 47The US Job Market Strengthens 47Table 13: Unemployment Rate in the US for Years 2005 through2011 47Increasing Role of Temporary Employees 48Executive Recruiting - A Key Segment within U.S Staffing Industry 48Roadblocks to Success 48Healthcare Staffing Industry 49Outline 49Table 14: US Healthcare Staffing Market: Breakdown ofRevenues by Sector - Per Diem Nursing, Travel Nursing, LocumTenens, and Allied/Other for 2008 (In US$ Billions) 49Employers Face Strict Immigration Policies 50Key Remedial Actions Taken 50Employment Statistics: 50Table 15: Employment/Unemployment Status in the US for 2010 &2011 (in Millions) 50

Table 16: US Employment Market (2010 & 2011): Breakdown by

Type of Employment (in Thousands) 51

Table 17: US Employment/Unemployment Statistics (2010 &2011): Breakdown by Age Group (in Thousands) 51

Table 18: Employment Market in the US (2010): Percentage

Breakdown of Non-Agricultural Employed People by Industry

Sector 52

2. CANADA 53Staffing Services- Market Overview 53Competitive Landscape 53Employment Prospects Brighten in British Columbia 53Key Statistics: 54Table 19: Demographic Statistics for Population Aged Above 15Years (Dec. 2010) 54

Table 20: Employment Rates among Different Age Groups and

Genders (Dec. 2010) 54

Table 21: Employment in Canada (Dec 2010): Break-up by WorkerClass (In '000) 55

Table 22: Canadian Staffing Market (2011): Percentage Share

Breakdown by Services 55

Table 23: Employment in Goods-Producing Sector in Canada(2010): Break-up by Industry Type for Manufacturing,Construction, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Oil andGas, and Utilities (In '000) 55

Table 24: Employment in Services-Producing Sector in Canada

(2010): Break-up by Industry Type for Trade, Health Care and

Social Assistance, Educational Services, Professional,

Scientific and Technical Services, Accommodation and Food

Services, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Leasing, Public

Administration, Transportation and Warehousing, Information,

Culture and Recreation, Business, Building and other Support

Services, and Other Services (In '000) 56

3. JAPAN 57Staffing Market in Japan 57An Abstract 57Table 25: Leading Temporary Staffing Firms in Japan (2007):Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues by Company - StaffService, Pasona, TempStaff , Recruit Staffing, Adecco,Manpower, Human Resocia, Fuji Staff, Intelligence andPanasonic 57Younger Employees Dominate the Jobseeker Lot 58Long-Term Employment System 58Advertisement for Employment 58Table 26: Japanese Employment Services by Industry Sector-Percentage Share Breakdown by Revenue for Construction &Manufacturing, Trade & Commerce, Communication & Energy andOthers for years 2010 & 2011 59Evolution of Staffing Industry in Japan 59

4. EUROPE 61

European Staffing Industry 61

Temporary Staffing: A Necessary Evil 61

Table 27: European Staffing Market (2011): Percentage Share

Breakdown by Sector- Industrial, Clerical/office, IT,

Healthcare, Construction/Engineering, Accounting/ Finance,

Scientific/Clinical and Other 61

Table 28: Top 10 European Staffing Companies (2010): Rankedby Revenues 62The "Two-Tier" Reforms in EPL - Worsening Conditions forTemporary Jobs 62IT Staffing Trends in Europe 62Penetration of Staffing Services in Anglo Saxon andContinental Europe 62Job Market in the European Union During Recession 63Employers Reluctant to Boost Staff 64Precarious and Low-Wage Jobs Marked with High Incidence of JobTransitions 64The Agency Workers Directive 64Private Employment Agencies to Enhance EmploymentOpportunities in Europe 65Statistics for Employment Services Market in Europe 66Table 29: European Current & Future Analysis for EmploymentServices by Geographic Region - France, Germany, UK and Restof Europe Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenuesin US$ Billion for Years 2010 through 2015 66

Table 30: European 5-Year Perspective for Employment Services

by Geographic Region - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar

Revenues for France, Germany, UK and Rest of Europe Markets

for Years 2011 & 2015 67

Employment Statistics for EU-27 68

Table 31: Employment Rate in the European Union Countries

(2009): Percentage of Employed Person Working on Temporary

Contracts, as Part Time and Those who are Self-Employed 68

Table 32: Employment Status in EU-27 (2011): PercentageBreakdown of Employed People by Services, Industry and 69

4a. AUSTRIA 69

Overview of Austrian Temporary Staffing Industry 69

4b. FRANCE 70A Synopsis of Temporary Staffing Industry 70Regulatory Environment 70A Glance at Employment Services Market In France 70Table 33: Employment Status in France (2011): PercentageBreakdown of Employed People by Services, Industry andAgriculture 71

4c. GERMANY 72

Staffing Market in Germany 72

Regulatory Overview 72

Employment Disparity in East and West Germany 73

Table 34: Employment Status in Germany (2011): Percentage

Breakdown of Employed People by Services, Industry and

Agriculture 73

4d. SPAIN 74High Unemployment Weighs Down Spain 74Table 35: Employment Status in Spain (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Employed People by Services, Industry andAgriculture 74


Development of Staffing Industry in Netherlands 75

Development of Staffing Industry in Protected Employment

Economies: A Comparison 75

4f. THE UNITED KINGDOM 77Employment Services Market Overview 77Table 36: Employment Status in UK (2011): PercentageBreakdown of Employed People by Services, Industry andAgriculture 77Temporary Employment in the UK 77Self-Employment in the UK 77Recruitment Industry 78Internet Recruiting Trends in the UK 78Temporary Staffing Industry in the UK 78Evolution and Development 78Challenges 79Temporary Staffing Agencies to Diversify and Expand 79UK Healthcare Staffing 79UK Flexible Health and Care Staffing Services Market 80Table 37: UK Flexible Health and Care Staffing ServicesMarket (2010): Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues bySector 80The Homecare Segment 80Fluctuations in NHS Spending 80Legislative Changes 81


Knowledge Management in Asia 82

Youth Unemployment in Asia-Pacific 82

Opportunities in Risk Management 82

Opportunities in Insurance Sector 83

Mergers & Reorganization Related Project Opportunities: 83

Fund Administration and Custody Opportunities 83

Technology Related Opportunities - Asian Banking Industry: 83

Asian Banking and Financial services industry - Opportunities

in Operational Risk Management, Marketing and Communications

Areas: 84

Table 38: Asia-Pacific Employment Services by Industry

Sector- Percentage Share Breakdown by Revenue for

Construction & Manufacturing, Trade & Commerce, Communication

& Energy and Others for years 2010 & 2011 84

5a. AUSTRALIA 85Overview of Employment Services Industry 85IT Staffing 85Sector Wise Demand for IT Staff: 85Banking & Finance: 85Information Technology & Telecommunications (IT&T)/Vendor: 85Government 86Supply Trends of IT Staff in Australia: 86Recruiters to Gain from Rising Pessimism in InternationalMarkets 86Tough Job Environment Derails Occupational Mobility 86Regulatory Issues 86

5b. CHINA 87

Employment Services Market- An Overview 87

Table 39: Percentage Breakdown of Chinese Employment

Structure by Primary Industry, Secondary Industry, and

Tertiary Industry for the years 2010 87

Online Recruitment Gaining Popularity 87

Role of Government 88

5c. HONG KONG 89Market Scenario - A Recent Past Perspective 89Employment Trends 89Banking & Financial Services 89FMCG 90Retail 90Media and Entertainment 90Employment Prospects for 2009 90

5d. INDIA 92

Outline of Recruitment and Staffing Industry 92

Table 40: Sector-Wise Job Creation in India in 2009-

Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate &

Infrastructure, IT & ITeS, Manufacturing, Consulting &

Education and BFSI 92

Temporary Staffing Industry 92

Outlook 93

Changing Trends in Indian HR Industry 93

Human Resources Management in India 94

5e. SINGAPORE 95Singapore Recruitment Market Trends 95Internal Audit 95Tax & Treasury 95Accounting 95Key Market Share Table 96Table 41: Employment Status in Singapore (2010): PercentageBreakdown of Employed People by Industry Sector for GoodsProducing Sector (Manufacturing, Construction) and ServicesProducing Sector 96GLOBAL DIRECTORY

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