HandyTizer Launches the Orbel Hand Sanitizer Applicator in North America

Global spread of MERS and other deadly viruses and infections highlights need for improved sanitizer delivery devices and protocols

May 01, 2014, 13:18 ET from HandyTizer

SAN FRANCISCO, May 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- HandyTizer, a California Limited Liability Company, has entered into an agreement to distribute the Orbel hand sanitizer applicator throughout North America. The patented Orbel ™ will fill a market void in North America for a readily accessible, simple to use, and highly effective disposable alcohol-based personal sanitizer.  This product is designed to address the epidemic of hospital acquired infections, which claim over 100,000 lives a year[1] in the United States alone, as well as the spread of viruses and bacteria throughout industries of all types with global costs estimated in the billions of dollars annually.

The disposable Orbel applicator, filled with alcohol based hand sanitizer, is intuitive in nature as the device attaches to the user's hip and dispenses the ideal amount of sanitizer with a simple swipe across the face of the device. The Orbel solution singlehandedly delivers seamless, convenient and uniform point of care availability of hand sanitizer.  As such, hand hygiene compliance rates in healthcare, which are commonly estimated at less than 50%, will increase markedly at facilities utilizing the device, significantly offsetting the estimated $33 billion in associated annual costs to the healthcare industry alone.

"To put it in perspective, hospital acquired infections kill two and a half times as many Americans as breast cancer each year and these deaths are known to be largely preventable through better hand hygiene" said Lawrence Alioto, CEO of HandyTizer.  "The solution to this deadly problem is an obvious one; have sanitizer conveniently available to practitioners at all times. The Orbel does just that." Alioto went on to say, "The Orbel will save lives. While that should be enough, the Orbel will also save the healthcare industry billions of dollars each year. As such, interest in the device is high with both medical suppliers and end users."

"Hospital infections are an enormous problem and a very well understood issue facing our industry" said Dr. Jerome Vener of CV ENT Surgical group at HCA West Hills, California. "I took one look at the Orbel and knew right away that this is the answer", Vener went on to say.

HandyTizer will also introduce the Orbel to the commercial market for sanitary compliance.   In addition to healthcare and emergency services, the Orbel is ideal for addressing the unwanted spread of bacteria in commercial settings including coffee franchises, hotels and casinos, and banks to name a few. Penetration into these verticals will expand the overall hand sanitizer market.

"Orbel and Picketts Health have devoted significant time, money and expertise in our effort to develop, patent and commercialize the Orbel ™," said Mark Minter, CEO of Orbel and Picketts Health. "The product has been refined, tested and is being rolled out worldwide. We are pleased to be working with HandyTizer in the North American market."

About HandyTizer
HandyTizer LLC, based in California, is the exclusive North American distributor of the Orbel applicator with alcohol based hand sanitizer.  For more information on the product, please visit www.handytizer.com or email info@handytizer.com.
Contact: Lawrence Alioto (415) 699 0228

About Picketts Health and the Orbel
Picketts Health is an international distributor with global distribution rights to the Orbel™ applicator in conjunction with its local partners. The Orbel™ is designed and manufactured by Orbel Health Limited. For more information, please visit pickettshealth.com or email: info@pickettshealth.com
* SOURCE Global Information, Inc./ http://www.giiresearch.com

[1] US News & World Report, February 19, 2014,  http://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2014/02/19/many-us-hospitals-fall-short-in-preventing-infections



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