Financial Crisis Gives Rise to New Class of Market Participant: The Dollar Vigilante

Jul 15, 2010, 10:00 ET from The Dollar Vigilante

TORONTO, July 15 /PRNewswire/ - The ongoing financial and sovereign debt crisis that has spread across Europe and is set to affect the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States has spawned a new class of market participant called a dollar vigilante.

In turn, Jeff Berwick, who founded Canada's largest financial website in 1994,, has launched a new financial newsletter incorporating the new buzzword, called The Dollar Vigilante.

"In the last inflationary financial crisis in the 1970s the term bond vigilante became popular and stood for shadowy bond market individuals such as George Soros who were seen as keeping out of control governments in line by selling their sovereign bonds," states The Dollar Vigilante founder and Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick.

"But now that we have progressed 30+ years all the old bond vigilantes have merged with these money-printing governments to form a fascist duopoly in the debt markets. Therefore, the only chance that the individual investor and average man on the street has to protect himself from this system which is blatantly set-up against him is to sell his dollars in favor of other assets; most often traditional money: gold and silver," said Berwick.

And thus was born the term, Dollar Vigilante.

Berwick announces the launch of his newsletter, The Dollar Vigilante, with the inaugural July issue completely free to all and available from the front page of the website.

"We hope that anyone interested in protecting themselves from the upcoming financial system collapse will come to our website and subscribe to our newsletter," said Berwick, "We have a free newsletter for those that want to learn more and join The Dollar Vigilante community."

The Dollar Vigilante website is located at and you can subscribe to the free newsletter directly from the home page.

SOURCE The Dollar Vigilante