Hey Y'all, First Hatfields And McCoys Foundation Shindig To Run 4 To 8 PM Saturday, Feb. 27 At G-Star School Of The Arts In Palm Springs

First Hatfields and McCoys Foundation Peace Prize, a Coal Miner's Hat, Will be a goin' to State Attorney Dave Aronberg For Exemplary Peace Keepin' in These Parts

Feb 23, 2016, 08:45 ET from Hatfields and McCoys Foundation

PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- This here tony resort is hardly where you'd find hillbilly hayseeds wearin' straw hats, but just go southwest a little young man and pretty gal and you'll be slap dab in the middle of a first rip-roarin' Hatfields and McCoys Foundation flashback shindig 4 to 8 pm Saturday, Feb. 27 at G-Star School of the Arts in Palm Springs (www.hatfieldsandmccoysfoundation.org).   

While only a short horse 'n buggy trot from Palm Beach, you'll feel like you're up in them thar hills of Kentucky and West Virginia meetin' up with the now friendly and peace-lovin' Hatfields and McCoys who back-a-ways were bitter enemies feudin' and fighten' for generations like there was no tomorrow.

"If Hatfields and McCoys can become friends, hell, anyone can become friends," believes Judy Hatfield, a direct descendant of William Anderson Hatfield, known as Devil Anse Hatfield, who was the patriarch of the Hatfield clan during the infamous Hatfield–McCoy feud which has since formed a part of American folklore.  

Today Palm Beach resident, socialite and philanthropist Judy Hatfield is launching her not-for-profit foundation to promote peace and good will among fellows and neighborhoods, races and religions, countries and continents.

"This here will be the first annual Hatfields and McCoys Foundation Shindig raisin' funds for peace and inaugurating somethin' that's gonna inspire people to be a heap more friendly, lovin' and peaceful toward one another."

At this here event, the first annual Hatfields and McCoys Foundation Peace Prize will be a goin' to State Attorney Dave Aronberg 15th Judicial Circuit, Palm Beach County.

He'll be honored for his bipartisan approach to balance the need for punishment and rehabilitation by expanding Palm Beach County's drug and veterans' courts and putting justice above politics. 

Aronberg will be the first recipient of The Hatfields and McCoys Foundation Peace Prize.  He'll be cited for creating innovative diversion programs for first-time DUI and domestic violence offenders.

His first-time DUI offender program is the only program of its kind endorsed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and has a success rate approaching 99%.  

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