High Gloss Furniture Enjoying Boon During the Housing Market Crash

Mar 01, 2013, 01:00 ET from D Furniture Store

BLACKBURN, England, March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Sales of high gloss furniture continue to rise as more people turn to apartment complex living.

The UK and global housing markets have suffered terribly over the past couple of years. Property owners have struggled with the rising costs of living and the decreasing number of selling and letting opportunities. The double dip recession has seen many housing markets come to a complete standstill and die off totally. This has led to many people and families remaining in a smaller-than-ideal home. The result of this is a rising number of people living in rented apartment complexes.

The increasing number of apartment-dwellers has created an increase in certain market places and industries. Whilst a lot of property construction has halted; high-quality apartment complexes have gone up in major cities around the UK. With demand outweighing supply, these apartments are seldom left empty on the market for any period of time. Another market enjoying a boon is the minimalistic furnishing industry, in particular high gloss furniture.

D Furniture Store has reported a dramatic increase in sales to young couples and families looking to furnish their apartments: "A lot of people are looking to furnish their homes in a minimalistic and understated style now. Smaller homes require furnishings that do not encroach so much on their living space. Simply colour schemes and designs are perfect for such homes."

Large and cumbersome furnishings are less than ideal for apartment dwelling. Cabinets and wardrobes with superfluous additions and patterns only serve to fill much-needed space. This had led to many young people who are leaving their parent's home eschewing the possibility of inheriting their furnishings. During economic booms, many invested in large properties and furnished them lavishly. These extravagant decorations have little place in the modern homes of many.

White high gloss furniture in particular has enjoyed a rise in popularity. The reflective nature of its exterior creates a sense of additional space and room. Working in a similar manner to a mirror, cabinets and cupboards with a white high gloss finish can make a small room appear significantly larger.

The minimalistic style is enjoying a significant renaissance. Décor in public places and the designs of new products are getting evermore simple and crisp. Apple products in particular exemplify this as their popularity continues to soar. The crisply designed Apple products have become a microcosm of the simple yet intelligently effective lives many hope to pursue in the 21st century.

It is refreshing to hear of any industry enjoying great success at the moment with so many struggling in the midst of the recession. High gloss furniture will be hoping that their popularity continues even as the economy improves.

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