How to Clean and Protect Your Grill the Green Way

Two Step Process Using Green Chemistry Provides the Solution

Jun 24, 2010, 14:44 ET from Nutek, LLC

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Chances are the last time you thought about cleaning the outdoor barbecue you shuddered and thought, "I can't get into that big job now.  I'll do it next time!" Sound familiar?  You lead a busy life and outdoor cooking is a matter of convenience so the same scenario plays out several times until running a metal brush over the grates or a quick swipe over the exterior is just not getting the job done.

So now you start looking for options to clean the surfaces, especially the ones that have direct contact with your food, and you're wondering how to do the job quickly and more importantly safely. Using a toxic oven cleaner, especially for the parts that come in contact with your food, is just not an option.

That's exactly the challenge the chemists at Nutek®, an environmentally-conscious consumer products company, faced during the product development process. Through an innovative MEAN But GREEN™ approach your problems have been solved. Using soy-based formulas that are 100% biodegradable and renewable, the green chemistry of Simply Soy™ and Grime Off ™ were brought to life.  Not only is Simply Soy™ an excellent green degreaser for interior surfaces, it's also NSF® certified safe to be used on food areas.  Finish the task with Grime Off™, a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser, on the exterior parts of your grill and you're ready for that next big cook-out.

Home Improvement TV and radio personality, Leslie Segrete recommends, "Using green alternatives inside and outside of the home just makes good sense. Sustainability begins at home and finding and using green cleaning methods is of critical importance to our homes and our planet.  I have found both Nutek® Simply Soy™ and Grime Off™ to be extremely easy, effective and environmentally friendly!  They offer a totally green solution for today's savvy consumer."

The degreasing and protecting process in just 2 easy steps:

Interior – Spray the interior grills and grates with Simply Soy™ foaming spray and immediately you'll see grime starts to bubble. Now you just wipe clean with a Simply Soy™ lubricating wipe, and rinse to complete the interior cleaning and protection process.

Exterior - For exterior surfaces follow the above procedure using heavy duty degreaser, Grime Off™ foaming spray and finish with a disposable Grime Off™ wipe. To protect from future rust after cleaning with Grime Off™, wipe surfaces with a Simply Soy™ lubricating wipe to add a protective coating.

Let's start grilling!


Dotti Franks


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