iDAvatars Selected by Engineering & Computer Simulations; Awarded $800K Subcontract to Lead the Interactive Avatar Design for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Aug 12, 2015, 08:07 ET from iDAvatars

MILWAUKEE, Aug. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In effort to give veterans more meaningful and interactive experiences within the Veterans Health Administration Virtual Medical Center (VA-VMC), iDAvatars announced today its subcontract with Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc. (ECS). For the next 10 months, iDAvatars is building intelligent digital avatars that will be integrated into the existing VA-VMC.

"iDAvatars was awarded this subcontract to redesign the existing virtual medical assistants with avatars that bring more interaction, engagement, and empathy during each touchpoint with an avatar," said Norrie Daroga, iDAvatars' CEO. "Improving the delivery of healthcare is part of our mission, and as an IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner, the enhanced technology will also give veterans the opportunity to ask the avatars 5,000-6,000 conversational questions related to diabetes."

The VA-VMC ( gives veterans around the clock access to avatars that guide them through multiple virtual clinics focused on general health topics, specific medical conditions, disease management, and overall well-being. Both veterans and providers from around the world have the ability to connect and share information efficiently and effectively inside a virtual world.  

Larry Kayne, chief operating officer of ECS, said, "The integration of iDAvatars' technology will bring a unique capability to the VA-VMC.  Our goal is to enhance the veteran's virtual world experience with an interactive Virtual Medical Advisor which will provide auditory responses to questions posed by the veteran about various medical conditions."

"iDAvatars recognizes the huge potential of how empathetic and compassionate avatars can have on improving the livelihood of our beloved veterans," said Norrie Daroga, CEO of iDAvatars. "Working with ECS, we are excited to specifically tailor these avatars to the needs of the VA-VMC. By May 2016, the avatar redesign will be complete and the capability within the VA-VMC will go live. "

About Engineering & Computer Simulations:
Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc. is an award winning software development and solutions company located in Orlando, Florida. The core mission of the organization is to provide instructionally sound, advanced learning-technology solutions to clients within the commercial and government sectors. ECS's technology portfolio includes intelligent tutoring, competency-based technology, immersive virtual worlds, serious gaming, performance assessment, crisis preparedness and response, staff training, and mobile innovations. ECS offers efficiencies in operations, education, training and collaboration.

About iDAvatars: 
iDAvatars is committed to creating the next generation of mobile health technology that thrives on the relationship with the user. Its digital avatars have an IQ to help connect people and share information and possess EQ, an emotional intelligence that allows them to respond to the human condition, interacting with users with empathy and humanity. We are the only integrated platform in the field that combines unity animation, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, emotion recognition, automated speech recognition, and text to speech to build avatars capable of listening, having contextual conversations and responding with gestures.


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