IDP Education is One of the First International Student Placement Services Recognized by Agent Certification Organization

Dec 06, 2009, 20:02 ET from IDP Education

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- IDP Education, the world's largest student placement firm, has become one of the first organizations to be certified by the American International Recruitment Council, a recognition of the company's quality approach to recruiting international students for U.S. colleges and universities.

Following an extensive review of the company's overseas activities, IDP Education is now officially recognized as a trustworthy student recruitment partner by AIRC, a non-profit standards development organization with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission that consists of U.S. institutions. IDP Education had been participating as a pilot agency member, offering assistance in the development of standards designed to raise the quality of independent student recruiting overseas.

"We are proud supporters of AIRC's efforts to certify agent practices and are honored to be part of its initial certification," said IDP Education CEO Tony Pollock at the inaugural AIRC conference in Miami, Florida, where the organization's first eight certifications were announced. "We believe the U.S. higher education community must accept the use of agents if it is to maintain its position as the world's top recruiter of international students, and AIRC's activities go a long way to making that a reality."

Founded 40 years ago by 38 Australian universities to facilitate international learning and growth in Southeast Asia, IDP Education placed more than 25,000 students into an Australian higher education program last year. In May of this year, the company announced its entry into the United States as the next step in a global expansion. The organization prides itself on being student focused by staffing more than 500 professional counselors as full-time employees throughout Asia and the Middle East, helping students and their families find the right fit for their dream of higher education.

IDP Education's North America Director, Mark Shay, sees the AIRC certification program as a positive step in the development of the international student recruiting industry. Says Shay, "Universities in Australia, Canada and the UK have prospered through the use of trusted marketing partners and there is now a growing recognition of professional practice in the United States, as evidenced by IDP Education's entry into the market and AIRC's setting of quality benchmarks."

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About IDP Education

IDP Education is the world's largest student placement firm, with more than 70 counseling centers in 24 countries. It is jointly owned by 38 Australian universities and is one-third owner of the IELTS English proficiency exam with the British Council and Cambridge University. The recent U.S. venture is an expansion of the already successful Australian student placement service, adding all new counselors and support teams for U.S. bound students. For more information, visit

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