Igluü Provides the "Solution to Dilution" with Launch of New Products

Aug 07, 2015, 11:58 ET from IGLUU

DERBY, England, August 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Igluü, a brand-new, fresh thinking company has just introduced smart and contemporary products to the flourishing homeware market, and promises consumers "the solution to dilution". Igluü achieves this through two variants: 'Silver Ice' and 'On the Rocks'.

Silver Ice is a set of 6 food grade stainless steel, reusable ice cubes which contain a non-toxic coolant at their centre which freezes quicker than water, and chills drinks longer than regular ice cubes. The metal is also non porous which eliminates that off-putting freezer smell, and because it's stainless steel, it won't melt and dilute the taste of drinks. Elegant and sophisticated in comparison to cheap plastic competitors; and at the cost of £19.99, it makes the perfect gift.

IMAGE: http://www.igluu.co.uk/product/silver-ice-set-of-6-stainless-steel-ice-cubes/

Jacky Cheung, the MD of Igluü says: "These products offer the ideal solution to the problem of regular ice diluting the flavour of popular beverages. With our stainless steel ice cubes and whiskey stones, consumers can still achieve that perfect chill and refreshment without compromising on taste." "With the popularity of cocktails at the moment along with a burgeoning young population of teetotals," Mr. Cheung continues, "Silver Ice and On the Rocks are versatile products covering a large target market; as they can be used to chill a whole manner of drinks, from traditional whiskeys to inventive mocktails."

On the Rocks is a set of nine hand-crafted soapstone spirit chillers, and offers the same benefits as Silver Ice: a non-porous product that offers an odourless and tasteless chill to beverages. They are made from 100% natural soapstone, so they still have that distinctive polished look, and at the affordable retail price of £14.99, they make a superb gift for the refined spirit connoisseur.

IMAGE: http://www.igluu.co.uk/product/139/

Both products are extremely easy to use. All that needs to be done is to simply rinse the product and air dry before use, place the cubes in the velvet pouch provided and freeze, and then add to your favourite beverage. No more water spillages from balancing ice trays!

Contact: Jacky Cheung
Phone: +44-(0)77030-64155
E-mail: jacky.cheung@igluu.co.uk