Information Update - Health Canada Reminds Canadians Not to Mix Caffeinated Energy Drinks with Alcohol

Oct 10, 2012, 11:00 ET from Health Canada

OTTAWA, Oct. 10, 2012 /CNW/ - Health Canada is reminding Canadians, especially youth and young adults, about the potential risks associated with consuming caffeinated energy drinks that have been mixed with alcoholic beverages.

Over the years, the mixing of caffeinated energy drinks with alcoholic beverages has become more popular - especially for youth and young adults.  The 2010 Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey showed that drinking caffeinated energy drinks with alcohol is seen more among youth and young adults than the general public. Also, this practice tends to be more prevalent in university and college environments.

With students back to school, youth and young adults need to remember that they should not mix caffeinated energy drinks with alcohol.

When drinking caffeinated energy drinks that have been mixed with alcohol, consumers may not feel the symptoms of alcohol intoxication, and the caffeine of the energy drink may mask the drowsiness associated with alcohol intake.  This may increase the potential for dehydration, overconsumption of alcohol which could lead to alcohol poisoning, and alcohol-related injury.

Health Canada is also reiterating that the Department has not approved the sale of any prepackaged, premixed alcoholic caffeinated energy drinks.

For more information on caffeinated energy drinks, please visit:

Health Canada's Video on Energy Drinks.

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