Innovation Opens New Electronic World for China IC industry

Nov 29, 2012, 09:00 ET from Hangzhou WeiKu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- According to growth rate of global electronic chip market in 2012 predicted by market research institution IHSiSuppli, the global chip market will decline by 0.1 percent than that in 2011. Due to the downturn of the Euro-American economy and the Chinese manufacturing industry, global chip sales is about $77 billion in the second quarter this year, up from a 3 percent decline. Massive layoffs appear in the top 10 largest chip manufacturers successively in order to reduce costs. Six manufacturers among 10 have declining performances, including STMicroelectronics, Infineon and more. During the second half of this year, the weak demand of PC industry lead to demand recession of related parts, including RAM. Thus, 2012 will be the "cold winter" of the electronic chip market.

China's IC industry is beset with difficulties faced with such a severe new environment. What choice would these electronic component manufacturers and suppliers make between an old-fashioned business mode and an innovation development mode? In fact, it is essential for them to adapt to the changing market with good flexibility, as the electronics industry is always dynamic. But China's electronic component manufacturing is small in scale, scattered in power and without much advanced technology compared with global semiconductor giants. For further development, innovation is the key to China's electronic industry from technology, service and cooperation models.

By report, SeekIC, a subsidiary of Hangzhou Weiku Information & Technology Company, is studying how to lead its buyers and suppliers out of difficulty during such economic situation. In the second half of this year, SeekIC launched a Fortune Express service to help customers make effective marketing strategy and their own brand image. SeekIC integrates professional marketing teams who devote help to small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the overseas market. The "Fortune Express" personalized premium plan comprises of such characteristic services such as one-to-one good sourcing recommendation, keyword promotion of golden shops, social media marketing and enterprise website optimization.

From a service perspective, the plan will help domestic IC suppliers with product added value and offers buyers an innovative unique service mode. The teams would have a further understanding of customer needs for service innovation and make greater value for customers.

For example, social media marketing will help domestic IC suppliers to build a social network adapted to international development. Consumers are losing confidence in traditional sales, marketing and services. Instead, they rely more and more on ideas from friends, colleagues and others for shopping. SeekIC not only helps customers establish social media pages on Facebook. LinkedIn and more, but also help customers promote themselves through SeekIC's fan page, building interpersonal contacts between potential customers and customers' SNS space. According to a traffic data research by SeekIC, daily clicks on through SeekIC Facebook's fan page account for 11.9 percent of its total traffic even though some other potential customers' conversion rate and inquiry rate could not be counted. The social media marketing mode tag these enterprises with humanity, which solve the trust problem, brings them online customers, and make a virtuous cycle of communication integration.

For China's IC manufacturers and suppliers, innovation is in need of their product technology and industry cooperation mode. In the global electronic industry downturn, it is a great challenge and opportunity to develop their own characteristics technology, transforming from competing advanced technology with semiconductor giants to emerging applications for technological innovation competition. Besides, China's IC industry needs to pay more attention to cooperation and an industrial chain identity. For an overall rapid development of China's IC industry, it is necessary to make joint efforts and seamless cooperation of whole industrial chain to reduce investment risks and resource waste.


SOURCE Hangzhou WeiKu Information Technology Co., Ltd.