Innovative BioDefense and Golden State Medical Supply Will Joint Venture to Sell Zylast™ to the Government

Zylast™ Saves Money and Reduces Hospital-Acquired Infections, Illness and Absenteeism

Oct 02, 2013, 08:00 ET from Innovative BioDefense Inc.

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Oct. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative BioDefense Inc. (IBD), manufacturer of  Zylast™ and veteran-founded Camarillo, CA-based Golden State Medical Supply, Inc. (GSMS) a trusted distributor of quality-assured pharmaceuticals, announced today a joint venture to sell the Zylast line of broad-spectrum, persistent antimicrobial products to the government, with a focus on the Department of Defense (DoD), International Military Operations and the numerous medical facilities that serve both the active duty and veteran populations.  Cost savings for hospitals, clinics, and physicians include not only the lower cost per use of product compared to alcohol-based sanitizers, projected to be 53.1% to82.5% of the nearly $10 million currently spent annually, but significant savings associated with the anticipated reduction in Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) and illness-related absenteeism.

"Our commitment to safety and quality makes the Zylast product line, with its unmatched safety and efficacy profile, an ideal addition to our offering," states Jim Stroud, Chief Executive Officer, GSMS.  "This joint venture provides the opportunity not only to lower cost for our customer base, but to provide a significantly heightened level of protection against disease-causing germs."

All natural, water-based and triclosan-free, Zylast™ kills 99.99% of most disease-causing germs in 15 seconds and is persistent for 6 hours.  Independent studies have shown Zylast  to be effective against a broad spectrum of germs that includes 25 bacteria such as E. Coli, S. Pneumoniae, meningitis, drug-resistent Methicillin-Resistant S. aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE),  and viruses such as Rhinovirus (the common cold), Norovirus (the stomach flu), H1N1 (influenza), HIV and Herpes, as well as molds and fungi.  

"When we received the results from a controlled hospital clinical trial demonstrating a 23.1% reduction in HAIs over hand washing alone1 and recognized Zylast's effectiveness against A. baumannii , a drug-resistant hospital pathogen which has shown a notable increase in military settings during war time, we immediately thought of our troops.  This joint venture with GSMS not only allows us the ability to do our part to protect our active and retired service members, but to help our government agencies and medical facilities better serve their patient, employee and veteran populations at a lower cost," states Dr. Colette Cozean, president, Innovative BioDefense, Inc.

According to a report published by the CDC in 2009, HAIs cost the nation's healthcare system an estimated $28.4 to $33.8 billion in direct costs.  Data also shows 1 in 20 patients admitted to the hospital will contract an infection unrelated to their medical condition, with nearly 90,000 Americans dying each year from preventable HAIs. 2,3   Infection control prevention efforts utilizing alcohol-based sanitizers have never shown a decrease in infection rates, 4,5  and  in one hospital-sponsored study in which alcohol-based hand sanitizer Purell was compared to hand washing, infection rates increased in 3 of 4 categories studied.

"The economic advantage in bringing Zylast as our preferred antimicrobial sanitizer begins with the purchase, at a per-application savings of 53.1-82.5% when compared to Purell," 6,7states Benjamin Hall, president GSMS.  "Next is the impact we anticipate in the reduction in illness and the related costs associated with absenteeism and declined productivity."  Germs are easily spread amongst groups living, working or studying in 'herd environments' such as home, work, school or the military. In one independent clinical school study that analyzed 6,000 students and staff data points, illness-related absenteeism was reduced by 41.6% among students when having the Zylast  Antiseptic  Lotion and Antiseptic Foaming Soap easily accessible near classroom doors and in the bathrooms.  

"The largest impact however will be seen in the direct and indirect cost and life savings that come with a decline in HAIs, and this is where we feel we are doing the most to serve our customers," Hall continues. 

The joint venture is effective immediately.  In preparation, registration of the product line was filed with the DoD in January of 2013, and a product was developed specifically to be compatible with night vision goggles, utilizing an infrared label.  GSMS has hired three new professionals, each with more than 20 years of field experience to specifically focus on selling Zylast to the DoD, International Military Operations and Medical Facilities.

About IBD

Innovative BioDefense Inc. (IBD), manufacturers of the Zylast™ line of persistent antimicrobial products, is headquartered in Lake Forest, CA.  Zylast products are formulated using a proprietary, synergistic combination of pharmaceutical ingredients to provide rapid, broad-spectrum germ kill with persistence for six hours.  The company has a full line of antiseptic products for use by healthcare professionals, businesses and consumers. The Zylast antimicrobial products debuted in October of 2012 and have shown to reduce hospital-acquired infection and school absenteeism.  Products include the water-based antiseptic lotion, the alcohol-based antiseptic and the foaming hand soap, and are available in 2 oz. and 8 oz. bottles as well as wall-mounted dispensers. For more information please visit  Products are available for consumers to order online at

About GSMS

Golden State Medical Supply, Inc. (GSMS), is a veteran-founded, generic pharmaceutical distributor serving the marketplace since 1986. As a leader in pharmaceutical packaging, serialization and distribution, GSMS specializes in meeting unique labeling and sizing needs for their customers who include the government, military, hospitals, pharmacies, manufacturers and GPO's.  GSMS's mission is to ensure the integrity and safety of products—from manufacturing and packaging to distribution—that move through their safe channel.  GSMS provides more pharmaceutical products to the government than any other competitor.


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SOURCE Innovative BioDefense Inc.