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Dec 14, 2009, 09:37 ET from Inovateus Solar



SOUTH BEND, Ind., Dec. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Inovateus Solar, a leading distributor and integrator of cutting-edge solar power solutions, is now offering informative videos on YouTube. The team at Inovateus Solar recognized a need for podcasts focused on solar energy to inform viewers of the latest innovations. Five episodes are available on Inovateus Solar's PVpowerUP channel on You Tube:



1. Installing Uni-Solar thin-film PV solar panels on a standing seam metal roof

2. An interview with T.J. Kanczuzewski, Executive V.P. of Inovateus Solar about the PV Industry

3. An interview with Joel Stanley of IB Roof Systems, filmed at the Solar Power International show in Anaheim, California.

4. Tim Polega and Jonny Rienks provide training on connecting panels together.

5. Tim Polega explains inverters in detail in this two-part session.


These podcasts are also available on iTunes


"We want to educate the public on the benefits, affordability and value of solar energy," Kanczuzewski stated. "We also intend to produce effective training tools for our dealers in the process," he concluded.


Inovateus YouTube Episodes


Episode 1:

PVPowerUP Vidcast E01

This video is filmed on location on a project in Wakarusa, Indiana, where Dwayne Borkholder of Borkholder Builders and New Energy Homes is installing Uni-Solar thin-film PV solar panels on a standing seam metal roof.


Episode 2:

PVpowerUP Vidcast E02

T.J. Kanczuzewski talks about the PV Industry - changes and trends. Kanczuzewski addresses the positive effects the downturn in the economy has had on the PV industry. Prices have dropped on solar components and the solar industry is in high growth mode.


Episode 3:

PVpowerUP Vidcast E03

At the recent Solar Power International (SPI) show, Joel Stanley of IB Roof Systems, explains the importance of designing a roof and solar system together.


Episode 4:

PVpowerUP Vidcast E04

In this episode, Tim Polega shows the different types of PV Connectors and explains how to connect two panels together. Jonny Rienks demonstrates the proper method for crimping and sealing a connector to a wire, and attaching panels together.


Episode 5:

PVpowerUP Vidcast E05

This episode is the first of two episodes about inverters. Tim explains the function of the inverter and the types used in different applications.


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