ISM International issues statement on recent stock activity

Company taking steps to identify source of volatility and put corrective action in place.

Apr 26, 2012, 09:15 ET from ISM International, Inc.

CLEARWATER, Fla., April 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ISM International, Inc. (Pink Sheets: ISML) is commenting on recent trading activity and volatility in the company stock and impact on future activities.

During the week of April 16th, shares of ISML experienced volatility not ever experienced before in the history of the company.  This volatility appears to have been driven by non-company supported promotional emails sent en-mass across the Internet and on stock message boards.  Internal investigation shows irregular activity in the stock being bought and sold, indicating to us that our stock was likely shorted during these high volume days.   Investors should review information on ISML at, which indicates that up to 3M shares may have been shorted in this timeframe.

"I believe in full disclosure to shareholders and wish to run this company to the highest ethical standards," states Mario Quenneville, CEO of ISML. "The recent volatility that our stock experienced was not driven from within the company, as we took no steps to hire any newsletters, research groups, stock promoters, nor email blasts.  There were no material company events that were released that could have generated this market reaction."

Mr. Quenneville continues, "I am personally using all of the resources at my disposal to investigate our irregular activity and will report back to shareholders the steps we are taking including obtaining a 'NOBO' shareholder list during the period of high activity, investigating all materials that were sent without company consent, and will be reviewing information about those that released information that triggered the extreme market reactions.  Our investigation will ensure that those involved are identified and the appropriate regulatory agencies are notified of any improper action that was taken.  The company share count remains the same with 50M authorized; 30,691,042 outstanding, and a float of 5,677,405.  I look forward to continued execution of our business plan and releasing material information about our MyGirl product line, upcoming media exposure, energy successes, and updates describing how our company vision is coming together."

Contact:  Mario Quenneville, 727-542-0700,

About ISML:

ISM International is a majority owner of a number of small business including a Flea Market / Mini-Stores complex and a Film studio, is a developer of organic non-toxic products for consumers, and is actively seeking to grow to meet demand within its  trademarked products: MyGirl, Superwipes, SwatBra, GotchaGps, and BioSolvant.  Company Website:

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