Jetaire Group's SFAR 88 Compliance Innovates for Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Industry leader Jetaire-- first to certify military version of explosion suppressant for commercial use-- develops the most cost-effective solution for compliance with SFAR 88 Phase I, II and proposed Phase III all in one, no-maintenance, seamless package.

Oct 16, 2009, 08:37 ET from Jetaire Group

ATLANTA , Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Jetaire Group(TM), an industry leader in complete avionics and electrical systems solutions for critical functions where durability and peak performance are vital, has exceeded the requirements for compliance with the SFAR 88 FAA Airworthiness Directive (AD) for auxiliary fuel tanks. With its Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for compliance for Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III, the Jetaire solution is the most cost effective and efficient as it addresses all requirements in one, no-maintenance, seamless package. Typical solutions address either Phase I which requires significant reductions in ignition sources, Phase II which mandates substantial reduction in flammability, or Phase III which, as proposed, requires additional lightning protection.

"The FAA's Airworthiness Directive requires that on or before December 16, 2009 all affected auxiliary fuel tanks be upgraded to meet the new guidelines. Because Jetaire understands the complex requirements and has the critical bandwidth of expertise, ours is a seamless solution with no potential failure modes and a certified 14-year service life without degradation or loss of any of its physical properties or performance characteristics, "said Michael Williams, president of Jetaire and a member of the International Fire Protections Working Group.

Williams-- a full-time, certified Designated Engineering Representative (DER) for 25 years who has certified more fire protection systems than any other DER in the United States and is considered an expert by the FAA in the certification of fire protection systems on commercial aircraft continued, "Unlike other options, the Jetaire solution addresses all three phases at once saving both money and time while delivering the highest standard of protection possible."

Jetaire, the STC holder for the most comprehensive SFAR 88 compliance solution, has developed a technology that completely mitigates potential ignition sources inside fuel tanks. The innovative Ignition Mitigation Method (IMM) (TM) includes the use of an explosion suppressant that currently protects the most advanced tactical fighter aircraft in service today including the USAF F-15 Eagle and the Navy FA-18 Hornet. As the first company to certify the military version of the explosion suppressant for commercial use, Jetaire also holds 20 other STCs for smoke detection and fire suppression in business and commercial aircraft.

Currently, Jetaire is developing new tank systems for aircraft without existing auxiliary fuel systems and structural corrections to B737 aircraft with PATS tanks requiring deactivation per the SFAR 88 Airworthiness Directive.

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Jetaire Group, with more than 25 years of certification experience, is an industry leader in complete avionics and electrical systems solutions including certification, manufacture, and modification for customers in the aviation and aerospace industries. Responsible for nearly 200 major design approvals and certification of more than 500 major FAA approvals for commercial and corporate aircraft, Jetaire is recognized for providing high reliability electronic and hardware systems support for critical functions where durability and peak performance are vital. With deep aviation and aerospace expertise and the capacity for immediate response to changes in FAA regulations and guidelines, to technology, and to customer requirements, Jetaire Group(TM) provides services through its affiliates Jetaire Aerospace & Technology, Inc.(TM), Jetaire Flight Systems, LLC(TM), and Jetaire Aerospace, LLC.

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