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Nov 16, 2009, 03:01 ET from

CHICAGO, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- A popular new service ( is offering Job Seekers $1 each time their resume is downloaded by an employer. In today's economy job seekers are embracing this concept of getting paid while looking for a job.

With the U.S. unemployment rate topping 10%, job seekers are turning to for new innovative job search strategies and to make extra cash while looking for a job. With, employers pay job seekers $1 each time they download a resume.

"Job seekers are now realizing that major job websites have been making millions off of their resumes and they don't like it," says Andrew Kucheriavy, the founder of "With the traditional model, job websites get resumes for free and then sell them to employers. With our model, employers actually pay job seekers for their resumes. All job seekers have to do is post resumes. We handle the rest."

Of course, not everyone is happy. has caused some controversy by shedding light on other job board's scams and ploys to get cash-strapped job seekers to pay for extra services. "Running a job website is a big business," says Andy Sauter, previously employed by a major job board and now a consultant for "Often jobs websites resort to questionable practices like resume 'upgrades' or resume 'enhancement' services that all have very little effect and are designed to take advantage of job seekers' emotional state and desperation while promising instantaneous results."

"Job seekers' privacy is becoming a real concern on the Internet," says Andrew Kucheriavy. "We've heard of cases where posted resumes in open format were sold to telemarketers or even to identity thieves. Our model helps protect privacy because a job seeker's contact information is only available to pre-screened, verified employers who actually paid the job seeker for their resume." has been getting a lot of attention from employers who are invited to post jobs for free. With this performance-based model, employers pay only to download resumes that interest them so the service inherently has no risks for them.

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