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Oct 18, 2011, 18:40 ET from Newspanel

BIRMINGHAM, England, Oct. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ( -- When it comes to staying strong and healthy, regular exercise is the only way to keep fit. Using a fitness workout routine to increase core strength and conditioning is vital to staying in shape. Any successful conditioning program requires consistent execution over a set period of time to achieve results.

Making sure the chosen workout provides variety and a challenge is a key element in preventing a keep fit regimen from becoming boring. By switching up different regimens on a daily basis, overall tone and fitness is enhanced along with agility and flexibility. When planning for a keep fit strategy, alternate which muscle group and cardio exercise to work on each day. Scaling a program to fit individual style and ability will allow for good performance and successful results.

Beginners to a regular workout routine need to keep in mind that sometimes taking small steps toward staying fit is better than doing too much too quickly. Over performance by working out too much can lead quickly to burn out and giving up on getting back in shape or maintaining the correct weight. As beginners commit to regularly exercising, each workout becomes easier, and before long, new goals can be set and met for strength, agility and stamina.

Regularly practicing cardiovascular exercise and weight training will naturally help bodies keep fit and build strength and endurance. When muscle tone develops and as stamina builds, workouts can be intensified for even more calorie burning and strength building. Never allow the lack of a gym or workout club membership to prevent commitment to weight loss or keep fit goals. Just going for bike rides, walking and jogging are excellent ways to begin a fitness routine without the use of club memberships or expensive weight equipment. The body and movement are truly all that is needed to keep fit and stay healthy.

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