Kinaxis Introduces RapidResponse Control Tower

Oct 18, 2011, 08:31 ET from Kinaxis

New Offering Provides a Single Cloud-Based Enterprise Planning and Simulation Solution to Improve Operations Performance

Kinexions 2011, SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Oct. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - Today, at its user conference, Kinaxis unveiled RapidResponse® Control Tower, which signifies an extension of its existing RapidResponse product to application areas related to sales and operations planning (S&OP) and supply chain management (SCM). With RapidResponse Control Tower, companies can use a single cloud-based enterprise planning and "what-if" simulation solution to increase customer service, reduce corporate risks, and improve financial performance. No more disparate planning tools in multiple functional silos (See more here).

The Solution: Simultaneously plan, monitor and respond across multiple areas of the business
RapidResponse Control Tower links several business processes to a company's supply chain operations so teams can manage the cross-functional consequences of decisions with unprecedented speed and confidence. RapidResponse enables enterprises to do deep, forward-looking analysis and collaboratively study "what-if" planning and response scenarios across impacted areas including:

Given the flexibility of the solution's architecture to support these and other business processes, RapidResponse Control Tower replaces a host of disparate supply chain management, S&OP and other informal point solutions for complete enterprise-wide planning, monitoring and response coordination.

    Doug Colbeth, CEO of Kinaxis: "Supply chain problems typically have high costs, big customer satisfaction implications, and significant corporate risks. Companies can no longer look at supply chain problems in a silo given the domino effect they can have across the business. Taking a cue from our customers who have extended RapidResponse beyond sales and operations planning and supply chain management to farther reaching applications tailored for their business, we are introducing RapidResponse Control Tower to support companies looking for effective cross-functional synchronization of the business."

The Technology: The Brains of RapidResponse Control Tower
Other software offerings claim to offer control tower capabilities by presenting many different modules stitched together with middleware, or with so-called visibility and collaboration solutions that simply aggregate and distribute static data. RapidResponse offers a "brains layer" to the control tower value proposition thanks to its proprietary in-memory database and powerful analytics engine that can process millions of records of data and perform demanding calculations in seconds.

RapidResponse Control Tower not only integrates all relevant data, providing a single source of truth, it also applies the necessary analytics for evaluating current state performance, simulating alternate scenarios, and alerting on emerging risks and opportunities to maximize profitability.

There are several key technology breakthroughs within RapidResponse Control Tower that enable customers to progressively extend the solution across the business.

  • Mimics any data model: Having pioneered the first in-memory computing engine for supply chain more than 15 years ago, a single instance of RapidResponse can simultaneously model data and analytics from multiple ERP systems across an interconnected multi-enterprise network (e.g. Site 1 behaves like SAP, Site 2 behaves like Oracle, etc.)
  • Forward-looking analysis: RapidResponse provides companies with forward-looking analysis to understand the anticipated impact of unexpected events. Users can perform any number of "what-if" simulations to calculate the consequence of an action before it is taken.
  • Mass community support: The technology used to support "what-if" scenarios allows thousands of simulations to be supported concurrently which means it is ideal for supporting a large and diverse community of business roles and processes, both internal and external.

Using RapidResponse Control Tower, companies can ensure;

  • Teams stay aligned to company goals.
  • Cycle times to detect and correct plan variance diminish.
  • Promises made are promises kept.

Supporting Quotes:

"In face of acute market forces, our supply chain is a competitive imperative.  With a goal of remodeling our value chain network to maximize our performance with respect to customer expectations and experiences, we have designed and implemented a state-of-the-art Control Tower that provides us with unparalleled global visibility, monitoring, collaboration and risk assessment and response capabilities.  RapidResponse has been a critical and successful part of the application architecture supporting these efforts." 
Carmine Arabia, SVP Global Planning, Research in Motion

"D&M needed to implement a consistent S&OP process across a global spread of companies, each with its own business model and independently running a unique set of processes using an assortment of planning systems. D&M selected RapidResponse as the solution for bringing together these disparate groups for undivided coordination of the business.  With RapidResponse, D&M will integrate planning processes from end to end, to drive productivity, value and customer service."
Lalit Panda, CIO, D&M Holdings

"Celestica delivers innovative supply chain solutions to OEMs in a variety of sectors. A key element of our value proposition is our Supply Chain Collaboration Center that helps customers anticipate and manage unexpected changes in an extremely cost-competitive and volatile demand environment. Kinaxis RapidResponse is an important part of the flexible and scalable infrastructure that enables Celestica to offer the Supply Chain Collaboration Center as a service to drive customers' success."
Mary Gendron, CIO, Celestica

"Today's business imperatives are speed, agility and responsiveness. This means functions and processes need to be knit together in a way that allows not only information, but also analysis, to seamlessly cross over departmental and functional lines. What's more, decision making must tap human judgment in order to decipher the compromises that need to be made to maximize the business as a whole.  It is evident that Kinaxis recognizes these urgent priorities by the release of its RapidResponse Control Tower offering."
Kevin O'Marah, Stanford Global Supply Chain Forum

About Kinaxis

Kinaxis delivers a multi-enterprise planning and "what-if' simulation solution ― RapidResponse Control Tower. Control Tower customers use this scalable, cloud solution for both longer term and real-time demand and supply balancing. Large manufacturing companies with complex supply chain networks and volatile business environments rely on RapidResponse for collaborative planning, continuous performance management, and coordinated response to plan variances across multiple areas of the business, including supply chain planning, demand management, S&OP, supplier collaboration, project management, workforce optimization and profitability management. Replacing disparate planning and performance management tools, Kinaxis customers are realizing significant operations performance breakthroughs, because from a single system, they can make decisions quickly, collaboratively, and in line with the shared business objectives of multiple stakeholders. Learn more about Kinaxis at:

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