KitKat Launches the 'Dancing Babies' Campaign

Jan 22, 2013, 04:08 ET from Nestlé

NEW DELHI, January 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Dancing Babies Take YouTube by Storm

KitKat has rolled out its new TVC with its 'Dancing babies' campaign. Keeping in line with KitKat's larger-than-life tone, the TVC reinforces the promise of an entertaining break with an extra dose of 'cute'. The ad has babies dancing to music. As with the previous 'Squirrels' campaign, the cornerstones of this campaign have been - Creative. Cute. Cool.

The TV campaign is supported by an integrated digital campaign. The launch is being led by an exclusive YouTube preview for KitKat's fans, the brand ensures that the virality of the campaign is sustained where it's most appreciated - digital "break zones". On YouTube where it has been overwhelmingly viewed in the last few days, the campaign currently has more than a million views and is among the top viewed videos in its category.

The storyline...

A tired doctor sneaks a quick KitKat break in between his rounds at the baby crèche packed with some cute babies. With every bite, the babies make him the centre of their attention and soon shake some moves that leaves the doctor gaping. The foot tapping music leads the dance and is designed to be catchy and unique.

As the last bite of KitKat disappears, the babies seem to go back to their normal child-like antics leaving the doctor to wonder if he had imagined the whole thing. He rushes to catch up with the rest of team and does a quick Heel Kick.

It ends with the message of 'Have a break, Have a KitKat'.

Watch the video here.

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