KUKA Home's Short Film About the Importance of Family Debuts on New York's Times Square

An American media organization comments that the film makes New Yorkers seem more soft-hearted

Aug 04, 2015, 02:50 ET from KUKA Home

NEW YORK, Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A short film about the importance of family happiness entitled "Lost Warmth," which was recently displayed on the large billboard overlooking New York's Times Square, the crossroads of the world and one of the world's most popular tourist attractions, proved so popular that many passers-by stopped and took the time to watch the film in its entirety. How the members of a Chinese family express their feelings and emotions, a topic that has generated interest among global media organizations, left a deep impression on world audiences when China's official national publicity film made its debut in 2011. This time, the family-themed film became an immediate hit, evoking strong emotional responses in China and around the world.

The short film describes the trials and tribulations of hard-working young people and their family members as they express affection to and show care for each other. The film expresses the happiness that these feelings generate and how the younger members struggle to balance these feelings with their endeavors and ambitions. The emotions and positive energy expressed in the short film resonated with New Yorkers who happened to be passing by. Reuters gave high praise to the short film by remarking that it made the normally tough-talking New Yorkers seem more soft-hearted.

In just the few days following the debut in Times Square, the short film received much acclaim from Chinese media organizations and members of Chinese communities worldwide. Leading video platforms streamed the short film while hundreds of media organizations including Reuters, CNN and Yahoo! covered the story. The short film focusing on family happiness has touched the hearts of the millions of Chinese who have watched it online.

The portrait of this one family is representative of the feelings that family members have for each other and of China's family culture in particular. KUKA Home, the producer of the short film, said, "in order to promote a strong family culture and the loving feelings that such a strong family culture will engender, we organize a family happiness-themed event every August, when we give each of our employees one-week paid leave and encourage them to spend more time with their family members, while advocating our brand's philosophy of care of one's family and the increase in the general happiness of a society that are result of good relationships between the members of one's family. This time, we chose world-renowned Times Square as the venue for advocating the concept and promoting China's traditional family culture and the positive energy which is a result of that culture. We believe that the love that one feels for one's family members is part of the world's common language."

Along with the transformation of society, China's young adults are living their lives faster and are gradually becoming the main force of the society as they struggle at the jobs every day and seek to realize their full potential and fulfill their dreams. At the same time, they are also starting to shoulder responsibilities as they become the backbone of their families. The "Chinese Dream," a common dream of all Chinese people worldwide, will fail to be realized without the support of every family. The family happiness-themed event is designed to encourage those who are living a fast life to pay more attention to the physical and emotional health of their families by keeping in close touch with family members. Taking the time out each year to record the family's happy moments is a wonderful and important thing to do and a great way of expressing the warm feelings and cherishing the memories.

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