Lab Group Recognizes the National Changing Diabetes Program for New Study on Quality Measures in Diabetes

Oct 29, 2009, 16:32 ET from American Clinical Laboratory Association

WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Clinical Laboratory Association's Results for Life Campaign (RFL) today recognized the National Changing Diabetes Program (NCDP) for funding a newly published study on quality measurement in diabetes care. The NCDP, funded by Novo Nordisk, is a multi-faceted initiative to help bring about dramatic improvement in the prevention and care of diabetes.

The study, by researchers from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and published today in the journal, Population Health Management, evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of current quality measurement efforts in diabetes.

"This is another important study in the battle against diabetes because it helps all parties -- providers, payers, patients, and policymakers -- better understand the strengths of quality measures, as well as areas in which they can be improved, for one of the most damaging and costly diseases we face," said David Mongillo, Vice President of Policy and Medical Affairs of the American Clinical Laboratory Association. "If we are to make serious progress against diabetes, we must have the best metrics to show which strategies are most successful in improving prevention, patient outcomes, and cost-effectiveness."

Mongillo said he was also pleased that the study reinforced a Lewin Group report released by ACLA/RFL in late September that found that the HbA1c blood test is playing an increasingly significant role in identifying and managing diabetes. Lewin reported that the test, which reflects the average blood sugar levels during the preceding 2-3 months, improves clinical decision-making for early lifestyle and therapeutic interventions that can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Lewin found also that the test was more likely to yield reliable data because it did not require patients to fast beforehand.

"The data from the HbA1c test will be among the most important tools in measuring performance, not only of individual providers and institutions, but also of our entire population in battling diabetes," said Mongillo. "So we are pleased with efforts to seek the best ways of using that data in quality measures and related metrics."

NCDP also recently supported publication of a study in the health policy journal, Health Affairs, entitled "Using Clinical Information to Project Federal Health Care Spending." That study focused on the long-term costs and savings of efforts to control diabetes and its complications.

The American Clinical Laboratory Association represents the nation's clinical reference laboratories. The group's educational campaign, Results for Life, focuses on the value of laboratory medicine. The Lewin Group report, The Value of Laboratory Screening and Diagnostic Tests for Prevention and Health Care Improvement, is available at the RFL website,

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