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SAN DIEGO, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- REST is a property analysis system that gives home owners the ability to predict the outcome of their modification applications and find out the best course of action. It is very useful for people who want to know exactly why their applications were turned down. At a home owner can access the REST Report and other helpful tools.

Loan modification used to be a very painful process for home owners but thanks to the REST report that's not the case anymore. Servicers can take anywhere between 8 months to a year to respond to a modification application. This waiting period can be extremely stressful for the applicant. In many cases the application gets turned down and no specific reason is provided for the rejection.The property owner has no choice but to go through all the documents, resubmit the application and hope for the best. With the help of Real Estate Services And Technology, known as REST, this tedious process can be avoided. This analysis tells the home owner exactly how he or she can solve the issues in his or her application and considerably reduce the processing time. It takes away all the guesswork and gives them practical information about the modification process.Using REST, homeowners can get rid of the uncertainty of what they qualify for in 48 to 72 hours.

Another major advantage of the LoanSafeMods process and the REST Report is that it provides information about alternative solutions as well. In some cases applying for loan modification is not the best course of action. In such a scenario the report will tell the property owner how he or she should proceed. Submitting the report with the modification application will very likely reduce the processing time considerably.

The REST Report works for a wide variety of loans including Hamp Tier 1 and Hamp Tier 2. It also works for short sale solutions and JUMBO loans. When looking for a loan modification program people usually think about HAMP but it is not the only program out there. In fact HAMP accounts for only a small percentage of successful loan modifications in America. With the help of the REST report homeowners can educate themselves about the lesser-known options and therefore increase their chances of success exponentially.

For a bank it is often times more profitable to foreclose on a property than it is to approve a loan modification application. It is the investor who benefits from a modification not the bank. This is a very important piece of information yet a surprisingly small number of homeowners are aware of it. When a homeowner qualifies, The REST Report acts as undeniable proof that going for modification would be beneficial for all the involved parties. The report provides much needed protection to the homeowner. Additionally, the property owner can take the report to court and use it as evidence against the bank or servicer. is known for providing quality services to homeowners across America and the company is 100% compliant with Mortgage Assistance Relief Services, known as MARS. The company also provides a free property and income evaluation to those who are interested. For anyone looking for a loan modification, is the ideal place to start.

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