Uses REST Report To Expedite Delayed Modification Approvals

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SAN DIEGO, March 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Homeowners who have been seeking mortgage modifications without success can now get assistance from and the REST Report. The REST (Real Estate Services and Technology Report) is a third party analysis tool that can help to show both the homeowner and the lending institution exactly what types of mod programs they qualify for.

This report gives property owners peace of mind, as they won't go into the loan modification process blind, not knowing what they qualify for or if they qualify for anything at all. The report also helps to speed the application process as it shows exactly how the numbers make sense and presents this information to the bank or lending institution in a clear and understandable way so that there will be no delays in approving the modification.

Many homeowners who have struggled for years with dealing with the banks have finally gotten their modifications approved due to the help of the REST Report. LoanSafeMods recently released a number of videos that these homeowners have made, explaining their stories and letting others know how effective the REST was in helping them in their situations.

One review is by Ron, an EMT working and living in San Diego with his children. Ron was struggling to save his home for years. He tried applying for the Make Home Affordable Program but found that the bank was impossible to deal with on his own.

"Every time I'd jump through one hoop, they would toss up two more!" Ron says about the frustration he felt when applying for the modification.

He kept getting asked to resubmit his application or to send in new documents. Finally Ron decided to get some help. Unfortunately, that "help" required him to pay an up front fee and, in the end, Ron was just as stuck as ever when the firm did not make good on their promise to help him obtain a mortgage modification. Ron says in his review:

"What scared me the most about everything was, everyday, not knowing if someone was going to come knocking at my door telling me to get my stuff out. It was just me and my kids. We had no where else to go."

Frustrated and at the end of his rope, Ron finally found the REST Report. The results of the report showed that he did, indeed, qualify for the modification. Armed with this info, he resubmitted his application, this time with the REST report attached, and within a matter of months his request was approved.

Now Ron only pays about half of what he used to pay each month and his principal was also reduced by more than $300k.

"To have somebody who went out of their way to do a good job and not having to pay beforehand was a blessing" Ron says from the comfort of the home that he quite nearly lost to foreclosure.

Ron's story is not unique. Thousands of people have gotten their modifications granted thanks to the REST Report. For more information on the REST and to view more REST reviews, click here.

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