Local Marketing Agency Delivers 'Priceless' Marketing Solution for Denver Energy Company

The Zella Company, a Pacific Northwest-based marketing agency turning heads with their strategy consulting services and unique methodology, recently delivered a powerful marketing solution for P2 Energy Solutions, a leading technology company based out of Denver, Colorado.

Jun 02, 2010, 00:00 ET from The Zella Company

SEATTLE, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The P2 Executive team contacted The Zella Company to help create a unified, compelling corporate message that enabled the company to speak in one voice. "The Zella Company's expertise and knowledge around consistent messaging and building a Messaging Framework is just priceless," said Diana Lovshe, Director of Marketing at P2 Energy Solutions, "The biggest advantage to working with The Zella Company was their ability to dig down and understand our business.  They did it really quickly. It was fantastic. In a matter of weeks, we had what we needed."

To build the dynamic framework, The Zella Company leveraged Marketacity™, their unique process for building and executing marketing and messaging strategies.  This process integrates critical thinking, analytical research, creative concepts and meaningful execution to deliver "on point" solutions.  Immediately following the intense Zella-led messaging training sessions at P2 offices from Houston to Calgary, P2 began embracing their new "voice" and showcasing it in new advertising campaigns, internal communications and customer conversations.

P2 had a very common challenge of trying to create a unified company message that would be broad enough to encompass all of their recent acquisitions, but specific enough to provide clarity to customers, partners and employees.  This challenge was further complicated due to the fact they are in an industry inundated with noise. "We see this all the time," said Michelle Taylor, Founder and CEO of The Zella Company.  "Many companies we work with have grown through acquisitions.  We have been successful helping them create a compelling message that differentiates them in crowded markets like technology, oil and gas, healthcare, and beyond." According to a recent study conducted by Go-To-Market Strategies, a sales and marketing resource center, an average company spends anywhere from 8% - 10% of their revenues on marketing and related initiatives.  Unfortunately many of these messages don't achieve the desired results as they are both inconstant and don't allow the company to demonstrate the unique value their products and/or services offer their customers.  As was demonstrated by the P2 engagement, getting this right can be "priceless".

"It was fantastic to see it all come together for P2.  They were proud of what they represented and were psyched to go tell the world," said Taylor.

About P2Energy Solutions

P2 Energy Solutions is a leading software company specializing in delivering flexible solutions that help companies more efficiently manage oil and gas exploration and production.

About The Zella Company

The Zella Company is a powerhouse agency that approaches marketing with laser focus on three key pillars:   thoughtful strategy, a unique methodology, and effective implementation. For each project, their primary goal is to provide clients marketing solutions that are measurable, detailed and focused on maximizing marketing spend. Zella provides a number of services from communications and messaging frameworks to strategic marketing planning and implementation.  Together with their strong background in event production management, executive marketing consulting, and marketing project management, they deliver clients a full spectrum of services that can be effective whether a client organization is 5 people or 50,000.

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