LS Research Adds Automated Radio Testing to Capabilities

May 19, 2009, 12:35 ET from LS Research

CEDARBURG, Wis., May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- LS Research has developed a new proprietary automated EMC test platform for FCC and CE radio certification testing that can reduce testing time by up to 50%. LS Research takes pride in offering innovative and pioneering solutions to our customers; and in an effort to continue providing cutting edge, faster, cost-competitive services, we developed this unique solution to continue our leadership as the premier radio EMC test lab. The new automation capabilities will lower test times and product testing cost for FCC Part 15 and CE EN300 220 radio testing. The flexibility of our test and measurement software allows for quick adaptation to changes in the test standards both domestically and internationally.

Traditionally, the certification process granting use of radio frequency devices in products is a time consuming procedure, requiring intensive engineering involvement and the coordination of reporting the compliance test results to the granting authority. In order to meet customer demands for faster project execution and quicker time to market, LS Research has created proprietary applications for test and measurement automation.

Although many third-party software packages exist on the market for use in test and measurement automation; often these packages are narrow in focus, lack dynamic configurability, and are expensive. Using our extensive experience with designing and testing wireless devices, LS Research has chosen to engineer proprietary applications catered specifically to the requirements of the industry, while maintaining flexibility for application growth.

These initiatives have not only decreased the amount of time required to execute a test project, but also translated to cost-savings for our valuable customer base. A final side benefit of the automation is the improved reliability and repeatable of the test measurements which gives or customers another degree of confidence.

About LS Research, LLC: From Product Concept to Production

Based in Cedarburg, WI, LS Research is the premier wireless product development company specializing in RF design, software development, and FCC / CE certification services. LS Research is at the forefront of the latest wireless technologies including Wibree, Zigbee, Wireless USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, MURS and UWB. LSR designs wireless products to help clients take their business to the next level through technical innovation. LS Research has developed a long history of helping both Fortune 500 companies and startups with new product development and certification.

At the heart of LS Research's innovative talent is the core RF engineering group with over 28 years of proven wireless product development experience. In addition, LSR is the only product development firm with turnkey design service and an on-site FCC / CE approved test facility for all EMC testing needs. For more information, visit

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