Majority of Illinois drivers commute less than twenty miles per day but are still plagued by traffic and congestion

Survey by pay-per-mile car insurance pioneer, Metromile, looks at habits and headaches of Illinois drivers

Aug 04, 2015, 14:03 ET from Metromile

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Metromile, the first and only provider of pay-per-mile car insurance in the U.S., recently completed a survey to better understand the habits, pains and wish lists of Illinois drivers. More than 500 people responded and it came as no surprise that driving and car ownership are liberating but a drain on resources and, sometimes, patience. More than 62 percent of Illinois drivers commute less than 20 miles by car per day, with nearly 30 percent commuting less than five miles per day. Despite the low daily mileage, 36 percent stated that what bothers them the most about driving a car in Illinois is traffic and congestion.

Other findings showed that family influence is important when it comes to choosing a car insurance provider as nearly 25 percent of people said they chose their provider based on the fact that their family members used them previously. Another 20 percent selected car insurance because they received the best rate. More than 40 percent of Illinois drivers are paying an average of $75 to $150 per month for car insurance but a majority of drivers are not bothered by what they pay – in fact, only 10 percent of people said the cost of car insurance bothered them most about driving a car. The other costs of driving and car ownership add up though. Twenty-five percent stated gas prices as an annoyance and another 10 percent don't like the cost of parking and parking tickets.

Car ownership can be costly and difficult. "From the daily hassles of traffic, city wear and tear, parking and the unfair way car insurance charges the majority of us who drive less, automotive freedom can be taxing," says Dan Preston, CEO at Metromile. "We believe car ownership can be easier and more affordable and things like pay-per-mile insurance, street sweeping alerts and our smart driving app which helps drivers monitor things like car health can certainly help alleviate many of the concerns we're seeing from Illinois drivers. For example, we're learning that car insurance customers who pay per-mile actually drive less. Fewer cars on the road means fewer traffic back-ups and hopefully even less accidents on the road."

Respondents are looking for insight about their car too. Forty-three percent said that it would be helpful to receive information about their car health, another 37 percent said they'd like maintenance and service reminders and an additional 34 percent said they'd like to see miles per gallon on an ongoing basis. Fortunately, there's a solution as the Metromile Pulse paired with Metromile's smart driving app does help drivers monitor their car's health by providing alerts to any diagnostic trouble codes (check engine lights) and access to a certified mechanic.

"By making car ownership more connected and informed for Illinois residents, we do more than help people save time and money, we make the idea of car ownership more possible for more people," says Preston.

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