McGraw-Hill Releases New Edition of How to Make Money in Stocks by Investor's Business Daily Founder William J. O'Neil

Jun 10, 2009, 09:00 ET from Investor's Business Daily

LOS ANGELES, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Last year's tough stock market left all investors searching for better answers on how to handle their portfolios. To address their concerns, Investor's Business Daily founder William J. O'Neil updated and expanded his international best-seller, How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times or Bad, 4th edition, published by McGraw-Hill Professional (June 12, 2009; $16.95).

The new edition covers the 2008 - 2009 historic bear market, and reinforces how O'Neil's time-tested sell rules protect every investor that follows them, even in times of severe market volatility.

"We've heard from readers around the world who followed the sell rules in How to Make Money in Stocks. They avoided big losses by getting out of the market at the early signs of the downturn," O'Neil said. "After the market debacles of 2000 and 2008, most investors now realize they need to take a more active, informed role in their investing decisions. This new edition gives them a time-tested blueprint anyone can use to recoup past losses and take charge of their financial future."

For years, leading market thinkers, historians, economists and financial professionals have considered O'Neil's How to Make Money in Stocks a must-read for professional and individual investors. Since it was first published in 1988, How to Make Money in Stocks has sold over two million copies, and influenced generations of highly successful investors.

How to Make Money in Stocks is the definitive resource on O'Neil's CAN SLIM(R) Investing System, the #1 growth strategy according to an independent study by the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) from 1998 - 2008. In its study of over 50 leading strategies, AAII found the CAN SLIM system gained +1351.3%, compared to a decline of -6.9% for the S&P 500.

The CAN SLIM system stands for the seven common traits all great stocks historically exhibited just before they make their biggest price moves. The CAN SLIM strategy shows investors how to find winning stocks by looking for ones displaying those same seven traits.

The updated and expanded edition of How to Make Money in Stocks now includes:

  • A step-by-step checklist for finding the best stocks and the right time to buy them
  • Sell rules that keep all your losses small and manageable
  • How to time the market using historical facts rather than future predictions
  • How to pick the best mutual funds and ETFs to maximize gains over the long-term
  • 21 common (and costly) mistakes most investors make - and how to avoid them
  • 100 charts of winning stocks from the 1880s to 2008 that reveal common patterns and why the best way to find tomorrow's winners is to study yesterday's top stocks

"It's true the market is recovering from an historic downtrend, but history shows us there are always new innovations around the corner that produce great companies, and great opportunities for investors," notes O'Neil. "The CAN SLIM(R) Investing System shows you how to uncover the next Google or Apple. Anyone can do this with the guidelines outlined in the book."


"How to Make Money in Stocks is a classic. Any investor serious about making money in the market ought to read it."

Larry Kudlow, CNBC

"I dedicated the 2004 Stock Trader's Almanac to Bill O'Neil: "His foresight, innovation and disciplined approach to stock market investing will influence investors and traders for generations to come."

Yale Hirsch, Publisher, Editor of Stock Trader's Almanac, author of Let's Change the World Inc.

"Investor's Business Daily has provided a quarter century of great financial journalism and investing strategies.

David Callaway, Editor-in-Chief, MarketWatch

"I think the consistency of IBD and the interesting and informative news on a range of topics that is highly relevant for investors is impressive. The Monday newspaper also adds some interesting variables. I think the item that strikes me as very useful, and well edited day-in, day-out is trends and innovation on the always interesting on page 2. Those nuggets just don't turn up anywhere else. Keep up the good work."

John Curley, former CEO of Gannett Inc. and founding editor of USA Today

And everyday people from a variety of backgrounds write to IBD with stories of unusual success by applying the CAN SLIM method, including historic downtrends:

"This system has helped me find the big winners in a market rally, and more importantly, it has helped me avoid the big losses in a market downturn. This in turn has allowed me to retire in my early fifties, spend more time with my family, work on my hobbies and interests and generally lead a very happy life."

Michael A., Florida, Retired

"Since I started using the CAN SLIM system and IBD, and now, I was able to make 359% on my original investment! IBD has so many features that help me find the great stocks. I'm grateful for all the work you do to help investors."

Barbara J., California, Individual Investor

'I have gone to great lengths to learn about investing. I attended business school as an undergraduate and graduate student, worked for a retail brokerage firm, for a small-cap research firm that supported institutional clients. Even after all of this experience, it wasn't until I read How to Make Money in Stocks that I began to understand how to succeed in the market."

Andrew M., New York, Vice-President

About the Author

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas, William J. (Bill) O'Neil made his first investment of only $300 in Procter & Gamble while serving in the Air Force in his 20s. Then he joined Hayden Stone as a stockbroker, and began his landmark studies of the greatest stock market winners to determine the specific traits they had in common. He was the first to computerize stock information in the 1960s, which helped uncover the CAN SLIM traits. His vision of computer tracking netted one of the most successful strategies of all time, and with the launch of Investor's Business Daily (IBD) in 1984, he opened the playing field to everyday investors. IBD's unique screening tools provide a fast track to CAN SLIM stocks, and the educational support from seminars and IBD University have helped build a rare story of investing success, particularly in the current economic climate.

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