MediJean Provides a Glimpse into their Medical Marijuana Research

Feb 13, 2014, 13:09 ET from MediJean

VANCOUVER, Feb. 13, 2014 /CNW/ - MediJean, a medical marijuana company who has been given approval by Health Canada to grow medical cannabis for R&D purposes, today provided insight into the research they are working on that will help patients and doctors better understand this medicine.

"The R&D we are conducting on medical marijuana is groundbreaking," said Charles Scott, director of research and development at MediJean.  "Many believe that 'CBD' levels are the sole determinant for producing a medical cannabis without psychoactive effects; however, this belief is false.  There are many components that must be taken into account, such as terpene levels, the strain of cannabis itself and the breeding techniques used in producing a strain or cross-bred strain."

MediJean has developed a technique that allows them to cross-breed strains of cannabis to create delicate chemovars that have high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) and balanced levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), plus an elevated terpene content.  It is generally accepted that CBD acts as a modulator of THC, reducing the psychoactive effects (the high) associated with THC when present in a 1:1 or greater ratio.  However, MediJean has learned that there is an interrelationship - a catalyst - between terpenes and THC that alters its overall effect.  For example, the most common terpene - linalool - used in conjunction with other terpenes in various ratios alter the medical effect of medical cannabis and allow MediJean to create strains that can target specific conditions that people suffer from.  The knowledge of this synergistic effect between THC and terpenes enables the researchers at MediJean to draw these conclusions.

MediJean's researchers understand that THC is a vital component to the healing compounds of medical marijuana.  "THC has been shown to have ten times the analgesic effect of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) and twice that of hydrocortisone steroids; both of which are a commonly accepted method of treatment by doctors.  However, THC also serves as the main element that brings on the onset of the "high" effects, which until now has been a side effect of medical cannabis when treating certain conditions.  Through a complex understanding of how active compounds interact and the resulting development of chemovars with effective ratios for given conditions, we have been able to discover a formula that will reduce or modulate the high of THC and in certain cases totally eliminate THC but maintain the healing properties to counter certain conditions and or make the patient as comfortable as possible without the toxic side effects of alternative treatments," said Scott.

"Breakthroughs such as this will allow patients who may have concerns about the potential psychoactive effects be more comfortable with the medicine," said Jean Chiasson, chief executive officer at MediJean.  "The more we are able to gain a greater understanding of the interactions between all the active compounds, the more pinpoint our chemovar development will become.  It is our understanding of the delicate science surrounding CBD's, THC, and terpenes that make us thought leaders in the medical marijuana arena today, and it will be our commitment to ongoing research that will solidify our role as global leaders into the future."

MediJean believes the health solutions this medicine can have are endless.  However, they caution patients to do their research before choosing a provider.  "Patients must look to a provider who is continuing to raise the bar in this field, one that isn't satisfied with just offering a few strains," said Chiasson.  "Research and quality are the key measures.  It is a matter of ensuring that proper grow techniques are followed and that proper ratio balances of all the elements of the medicine are understood and adhered to.  This is what we are doing at MediJean and it is what sets us apart."

MediJean is leading the rebirth of medical marijuana through a laser focus on research, quality and patient experience by implementing best practices here and around the world.  Doctors and nurse practitioners will understand and safely prescribe it within a clinical framework, patients will have access to clean and affordable medicine, and research partners will help the company expand the frontiers of medical marijuana in the years ahead.  To learn more about MediJean and their plan to lead this new industry visit and signup for their regular updates.  Doctors and nurse practitioners are encouraged to contact MediJean to arrange a discussion of their practices and/or a tour of their facility.