MediJean Supports Law Enforcement Community

Nov 21, 2013, 10:08 ET from MediJean

TORONTO, Nov. 21, 2013 /CNW/ - MediJean, a medical marijuana company who has been given approval by Health Canada to grow medical cannabis for R&D purposes announced their support for the Law Enforcement community as they crack down on illegal drug operations across Canada.

"Health Canada's new medical marijuana regulations are well-designed to help Law Enforcement," said Anton Mattadeen, chief strategy officer at MediJean.  "By underlining the clear difference between the quality control associated with real medical marijuana, and the unknown content offered by the illegal marketplace, it creates an obvious boundary.  One is designed to be completely focused on helping people with their ailments, while the other is simply an illicit drug being sold for illegal profit."

There are many health problems that can be treated by medical cannabis, including: MS, fibromyalgia, cancer and epilepsy.  For some patients medical marijuana is the only treatment that works for them.  MediJean believes patients needing the therapeutic value of medical marijuana should not have to face the stigma associated with the illegal marijuana market (estimated at $15 billion per year in Canada alone). 

"This is about access to medicine," said Mattadeen.  "The fact that we now have a legal mechanism in place that better supports legitimate patients, means there is no longer any reason for any patient to go to the illegal market to obtain the medicine they need.  This also means that Law Enforcement can now focus their resources on the right targets: illegal groups that have no concern for the values of public health and safety."

MediJean understands that any legitimate company in this newly overhauled industry must do their part to support government regulations and the efforts of the Law Enforcement community to help curtail the illegal market.  "We are here to help," said Mattadeen. "We believe this will be done by providing the best quality medical cannabis available, developing state-of-the-art verification technology that makes it easier for both patients and Law Enforcement personnel, offering contaminant testing for seized marijuana, and supporting Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) with a percentage of our profits going to the program."

MediJean is currently developing a verifiable patient identifier (VPI) that can be presented to a police officer to confirm the patient's medical marijuana needs, and providing verifiable assurance that the patient is legally allowed to have medical marijuana.  "This technology will make a police officer's job easier and provide the patient with the peace of mind that they can quickly prove they are legitimate," said Mattadeen.

MediJean firmly believes that anybody who needs marijuana for medical purposes must follow the law in Canada, consult with a healthcare practitioner, receive a prescription (medical document), send it to a Health Canada licensed producer, and receive their medical marijuana via courier from the licensed producer.

MediJean is leading the rebirth of medical marijuana through a laser focus on research, quality and patient experience by implementing best practices here and around the world.  Doctors and nurse practitioners will understand and safely prescribe it within a clinical framework, patients will have access to clean and affordable medicine, and research partners will help the company expand the frontiers of medical marijuana in the years ahead.  To learn more about MediJean and their plan to lead this new industry visit and signup for their regular updates.